Internet Users Notice Something Odd in Photos of a Viral Korean Influencer, and It Sparks Debates

10 months ago

This South Korean influencer named Shashaeile became a sensation on social media after Internet users noticed one curious detail — all the photos and videos she shared on her Instagram had something terribly off.

Shashaeile and her profile (290k followers) have been getting pretty much attention lately. The fashion influencer seemed to post pictures and videos of herself wearing her own products or doing everyday things, but what drew people’s interest was not her business or lifestyle but her heavily edited photos.

The influencer’s limbs are unnaturally long and large in the pics she posts, while her head is alarmingly tiny and her face is strangely childlike compared to the rest of her body. Moreover, her face has little or no expression as she looks straight at the camera.

She has a V-shaped chin, a common cosmetic surgery trend in South Korea. Moreover, her neck is long and thick, and her breasts are disproportionally large, too.

So far, Shashaeile has never explained why she makes herself look so “odd” in her photos. One might guess that she may be doing it to hide her true identity to prevent being recognized in public. If that is the case, she is doing a great job of looking as inhumanly as possible.

Many things can make a person famous — those can be heavily edited photos or getting a 30-hour tattoo to help your kid.


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