Internet Users Shared Photos of Curious Things That Few People Know Anything About

4 years ago

Have you ever found something or received a present that made you wonder, "What is it?"

Bright Side has collected some things that can shock even the smartest people. Before you read the descriptions, try to guess what these things are used for.

18. "What is this? First thought was that it was for tea, but it would just spill out if closed."

In fact, this device is used to put flour on dough or powdered sugar on a pie. You can see how this thing works here.

17. "Got this contraption as a Christmas gift together with a 'Good luck guessing what this is!' message."

This contraption is used to make meatballs. The meat is put in the white parts. The right convex part is used to make a hollow for the filling, and the left part is for the second part of the meat. You can see the cooking process here.

16. This is a vase, isn't it?

Before the start of the previous century, women used to put their cut hair into this little pot. They used the hair later to stuff pillows or pincushions.

15. "Found this with a few of my grandfather's things. No clue as to what it could be."

This is used to put corks into bottles. You can see the modern version of this contraption here.

14. This has something to do with men's clothes.

A Slovenian company developed suspenders for men's shirts. The main belt is put on the hip, and the other pieces are fixed to the ends of the shirt so that it looks perfect.

13. An alien ship part?

Chefs must have recognized the knife which is used to cut dough for croissants. You can check out the way it's done here.

12. This mincer seems to be missing a part or 2.

Actually, this is used to easily cut the pulp out of a coconut.

11. This looks like a watch.

In the beginning of the 20th century, when a gentleman wasn't using his gloves, he put them on this clip (which was attached to his clothes).

10. "Bought at a flea market in Belgium. Seller offered no explanation."

This is a medical clamp from the middle of the 19th century. Obstetricians used it when they were tying up the umbilical cord.

9. "Found this piece in my grandmother’s formal silverware set."

This is a knife-pusher. Kids are given it to learn how to use silverware. They use it to push food to their spoon or fork.

8. Looks like a dentist lost it!

And this is actually a bookmark. You shouldn't lose this one.

7. "Found this in the bathroom. Spent half a day figuring out what this is. My wife explained."

This is a protective glove that was sold with hair straighteners.

6. Anyone who has been to Catalonia will easily recognize this.

This is a traditional Spanish vessel for wine. People lift it by holding the upper part, and the nose is directed so that the wine goes straight into your mouth. Your lips must not touch the vessel.

5. "What is this wooden thing I received as a gift?"

This is a glass coaster that is put on a wine bottle. The middle hole is for the bottleneck, and the carvings on the sides are for the glasses.

4. "Boyfriend found this weird key in our driveway. It doesn't belong to my neighbors."

This is some sort of a lockpick. If you find something like this, you should take additional security precautions.

3. "This weird wooden thing belonged to my grandfather."

This was used to "beat" laundry after washing.

2. A time travel machine?

This is a kind of treadmill. It is designed for people who are recovering from an injury and need something additional to hold on to when doing physical exercises. Modern models work like this.

1. "What kind of scissors are these? I looked on Google for 20 minutes and can't figure it out!"

Pizza scissors. Joey Tribbiani must have these.

Did you guess what these things were? How many of them? Share your results in the comments!


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