Internet Users Show Things They’ve Been Using for Their Entire Lives, and It Looks Like Nothing Can Wreck Them

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Most of us are totally used to the fact that our devices and other things break down almost right after the warranty ends. A popular opinion is that decades ago everything was different and manufacturers only made things that were impossible to break. It is hard to argue with this, especially when you’re still using a 117-year-old coffee grinder, drying your hair with an 80-year-old hairdryer, and wearing 25-year-old slippers.

Here are 25 things that continue to function properly despite their old age. And it doesn’t look like they will break down any time soon. We at Bright Side really hope that the times when you buy a vacuum cleaner, and it works for 50 years will return one day.

1. “This Oxford bookbag is from 1880 or so. My grandpa got it used when he started high school in 1951. It has since been used and enjoyed by my mom, uncle, aunt, and myself, and is still durable.”

2. “This waffle iron from the 1920s is still working flawlessly.”

3. “World’s greatest pencil sharpener, circa 1920”

4. “This is a 117+ year old coffee grinder from Peugeot.”

5. “When my grandfather passed away, I inherited his auto creeper. I’m still using it to change my oil after 80 years.”

6. “This hand me down cast iron skillet is about 80 years old, and it’s used daily.”

7. “My grandpa bought this Lionel train in 1952, and I’m the 3rd generation to run it during the Christmas season.”

8. “Staplers, you say? Here’s my 1962 Swingline.”

9. “My 97-year-old Waterman 52”

10. “My grandmother still has her WWII Frigidaire Refrigerator, and it still works without a hitch!”

11. “This is my 1940s KitchenAid Mixer I bought for $5 at a resale shop. I’ve used it 3-4 times a week for 7 years. I’ve also dropped the bowl twice from counter height, and it has never even chipped.”

12. “My in-laws were brilliant: This is their Le Creuset set that they purchased in 1977.”

13. “Persol sunglasses: my mother bought these for my father in 1989, then he gave them to me a few years ago.”

14. “My Emerson table fan has been going strong for over 70 years.”

15. WWII hand-crank flashlight

16. “Here is my still working 1939 German hairdryer.”

17. “Here are some linen pants my mom bought in 1978 — I still wear them on a weekly basis!”

18. “Almost 25 years old, countless miles, and they are still okay...”

19. “My mom and dad got matching North Face down jackets after their wedding, 35 years ago, and they’re still wearing them today.”

20. “This is my great-great-grandfather’s wallet, and it’s still in daily use.”

21. “My daily shaver is my great-grandfather’s Gillette ‘old type’ ball end DE razor, circa 1920.”

22. “Our 100-year-old Singer sewing machine works perfectly.”

23. “Use it every day, works better than any stove I have ever owned. Only 90 years old — I guess the company was well-named: Reliable.”

24. “Sometimes simpler is better. Here’s my toaster, circa 1930.”

25. “This is a 140-year-old pocket watch from the 1880s Ottoman Empire, and it still ticks perfectly. It doesn’t even require service.”

It looks like in the past, things were made to last for an eternity. Do you have things that have been in use for several decades?

Please note: This article was updated in June 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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My dad still wears the same coat since he was young. And he says it didn't even change through so many years!


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