Jada Pinkett Smith Is Criticized for Supporting Her Daughter Willow’s Interest in Polygamy and Open Relationships

8 months ago

The famous family made the headlines again, this time it’s about the way Jada raises her kids. The star often openly discusses controversial topics on her show Red Table Talk. Her daughter Willow joined in and revealed that she’s polyamorous and isn’t against dating several people at a time. Some admire Jada’s parenting style, while others think it’s too much.

Jada and Will have an open marriage.

Will and Jada got married in 1997 and welcomed two children together — Jaden and Willow. In September 2021, Will claimed that a monogamous relationship wasn’t for them because they felt “miserable”.

Jada doesn’t believe in conventional marriage, so they decided to go for an open marriage instead. Jada explains that it’s not realistic to expect your man to be attracted only to you. She assures that being attracted to someone else doesn’t mean you stop loving your partner.

They openly discuss taboo topics.

Jada isn’t afraid to discuss some sensitive topics with her daughter Willow. Besides, she does it in front of the audience during her Red Table Talk show. Jada wants her kids to be able to talk openly about some taboo topics.

Jada’s mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris doesn’t always agree with her views on parenting because of her unusual decisions. Yet, Will and Jada believe that there should be no dictating but partnership when it comes to upbringing.

Willow decided to choose polygamy.

Since Jada and Will have an open marriage, people think Willow just follows their example. Willow got curious about polygamy and found out more about it on Instagram. Jada discussed it on her show. Willow also confessed that she could have feelings for women.

Willow claims that the concept of “my one and only” won’t work for her. Willow reveals she sometimes gets jealous, but her mother says that she should have the greatest love affair with herself first.

Willow claims monogamy is “stifling”.

Willow revealed that monogamy felt “stifling” for her. She believes that it doesn’t let her learn the necessary skills to avoid the feelings of insecurity and ownership. Besides, she also considers the concept oppressive to women.

The star claims that it’s important to choose a relationship style that’s right for you. Monogamy shouldn’t be something you have to do just because everybody else does that.

Many fans question her parenting style.

Fans think it’s Jada’s influence and some people weren’t pleased with that. Some call Willow a “poor kid” who’s been exposed to such an inadequate environment since childhood. Others think that there’s nothing to be proud of. They suspect that everyone in the family just follows what Jada says. In any case, opinions differ, and it’s up to Jada and Will to decide how to raise their children.

Find out more about the secrets of the famous family. In this article, we reveal in detail why Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have an open marriage. Even though they’re polyamorous, they’ve been together for more than 25 years.


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I never liked Jada and Will Smith. Two over privileged weirdos. Jada is a no talent who is married in name and bank account (Wills),only. Will Smith is a complete puppet idiot for Jada. Their kids will be fine they have the money and privilege to do whatever and come on top.


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