Jamie Lee Curtis’ Awesome Reaction to Her Daughter Coming Out as Transgender

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7 months ago

Despite all the changes our world has made in recent decades around LGBTQ equality, coming out can still be a super-emotional and personal experience for many. Coming out means feeling vulnerable, and there’s a risk of facing a potential rejection. For parents whose children have decided to transition, this may be a challenging experience that requires very balanced emotions and wisdom. Actress and activist Jamie Lee Curtis knows this for sure, and our article today shows her personal approach and relationship with her trans daughter Ruby.

Jamie Lee has always been standing for representation and equality.

Jamie Lee Curtis is an actress and activist who has never been silent about the equality of all people. The woman is an avid fighter for a big change in society and for raising awareness for human rights.

She is particularly concerned about the transphobia that she has witnessed in everyday life, and she opened up about her feelings in her interviews. She says, “So Jamie Lee Curtis is scared, and you should be too. And Jamie Lee Curtis has a voice, and she’s trying to use it. And you should too. And that’s how we change things. We think about them, we learn about them and then we use our voices to bring attention to them and fight against them.”

The actress sets the example of her views in her own family.


Jamie Lee and her husband Christopher Guest have two adopted daughters, Annie, 35, and Ruby, who’s now 26. Her younger daughter Ruby has come out as transgender in 2020, and the day when she announced this to her parents will probably be one of the most memorable in the mind of her mom and herself. Ruby describes her feelings in her interview, “It was scary — just the sheer fact of telling them something about me they didn’t know. It was intimidating — but I wasn’t worried. They had been so accepting of me my entire life.

As a devoted mom, Jamie Lee wasn’t hesitant to accept every single choice and opinion of her daughter. She had to learn new things after her child came out as a transgender, and she describes it candidly, saying, “It’s speaking a new language. It’s learning new terminology and words. I am new at it. I am not someone who is pretending to know much about it. And I’m going to blow it, I’m going to make mistakes. I would like to try to avoid making big mistakes.”

Appearing on the red carpet together with her daughter has become quite an event for Jamie Lee.

The Halloween star is a really proud mom. She cherishes her daughter’s transitioning and says, “I watched in wonder and pride as our son became our daughter Ruby.”

This year Ruby Guest made her red-carpet debut after coming out as transgender. She attended the Halloween Ends LA premiere together with her mom. The premiere was a family event, and Ruby joined her sister to support their mom at the world premiere of the film.

All three women looked glamorous at the event as they each wore long evening gowns. Ruby was wearing a silver pleated dress with a black blazer and was seen together with her loving mom, going hand in hand. In her Instagram, Jamie Lee wrote a short but very emotional caption about her motherly feelings about this special day. She captioned their photo with a heartfelt message, “My family. Proudest mother. Loving support.

Jamie Lee Curtis is proving to be an awesome mom and a genuinely good person. And in the movie industry, there are plenty of other folks who are pushing for change and inclusivity for transgender people.


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