Japanese Man Embarks on a 4,000-Mile Journey to Spell ’Marry Me’ on Google Earth

6 months ago

A marriage proposal can be more remarkable when creativity is involved. In 2008, Yasushi ’Yassan’ Takahashi embarked on a 4000-mile (7,163 km), six-month journey to propose to his girlfriend. And the result was literally out of this world.

Intending to propose to his girlfriend uniquely and memorably, Yassan grabbed his backpack and went on a journey.

In his quest to create the world’s largest GPS art, Yassan achieved his artistic endeavor and secured a Guinness World Record. By traveling, he crafted an intricate masterpiece that spelled out “MARRY ME,” complete with a heart and arrow as a touching finale.

To complete this heartfelt message using GPS coordinates, Takahashi embarked on a remarkable journey from the northern island of Hokkaido to the southern shores of Kagoshima in Japan, covering the entire length of the country.

Before his GPS trip, Takahashi’s travel experiences were limited to Tokyo. However, through this extraordinary artistic endeavor, he expanded his horizons and embraced the opportunity to explore diverse regions, relying on his car as a makeshift shelter during the night.

Beating challenging weather conditions, he fearlessly pursued his romantic quest, demonstrating unwavering commitment. And his girlfriend joyfully accepted his heartfelt proposal.

Preview photo credit Google / Youtube


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