Jennifer Lopez Got Wild on Her 54th Birthday Party (See the Photos!)

11 months ago

Jennifer Lopez was photographed dancing on top of a table during her birthday bash! The singer and actress, who turned 54 on July 24, donned a couple of different looks for the party, where she made sure to celebrate as much as possible.

Lopez didn’t hold back from sharing moments of the party on Instagram.

Jennifer Lopez let the music move her on her birthday party, and she ended up on top of the table, surrounded by her guests. However, Lopez didn’t shy away from that, and she decided to show her followers on Instagram how much fun she had on her day. “Birthday mood...all month!! Always a good day when Lola comes to play,” she captioned the special post.

In the post, Lopez shared a few snaps that showcased the moment, as well as her looks for the day. In one snap, she stood in a glamorous, sparkly dress, accessorized with emerald-green earrings. For the second outfit, Lopez picked out a black, see-through kaftan with a matching bikini, golden jewelry and a hat. And honestly, we can’t tell which outfit we like the most!

The comment section was full of people praising how well she’s aging. “54 years old but you look 24,” one user wrote; “Aging like fine wine,” someone else said. Some celebrities also took the opportunity to send their best wishes, including actress and dancer Jenna Dewan: “Happy birthday my love!!”

Salma Hayek paid tribute to her on Instagram for her birthday.

Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez have long been friends, as they worked together in the 1997 movie Fools Rush In. To mark J. Lo’s birthday, Hayek shared a throwback photo that features the two of them among a group of people that includes actors Ben Affleck and Susan Sarandon. “Happy birthday! Last night, out of the blue, I found this picture. I guess it meant I had to share it on your special day,” Hayek wrote on the caption. “It made me think back to a time when they said we wouldn’t make it. Then they said we wouldn’t last. Keep shining chica and keep enjoying every second of it!”

This wasn’t the first time Hayek expressed affection towards Lopez. In January 2020, she also took to Instagram to share a throwback photo of just the two of them, as a way to support the release of Lopez’s movie Hustlers. Totally friendship goals, right!?

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Preview photo credit jlo / Instagram


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