11 Comics Showing a Relationship in the First Month vs a Year Later

2 years ago

At the start of a relationship, people are shy and try to make themselves look as good as possible. For example, many girls are afraid to see their loved ones without make-up on and cook for hours to make something really delicious. And guys have trouble getting used to night cuddles and think that they’re the stronger half. But a year later, everything changes. Let’s have a look at these differences together.

Bright Side created 11 really cute and ironic comics showing how relationships change over time.

Spoiler alert: Some things never change! Scroll down till the end of the article to see if you recognize yourself or your beloved in the comics.

Her appetite isn’t as modest as you thought.

Getting ready for a date doesn’t take as long.

It has become even easier to surprise your partner.

Do you feel uncomfortable when cuddling at night? Seasoned couples have found a solution.

Some expectations have little to do with reality.

Culinary abilities have also evolved.

She doesn’t have to pretend to be weak and defenseless anymore.

Why hide your feelings?

You can be yourself with your loved one by your side.

When choosing to change, do it together.

But one thing will always stay the same...

What else changes in a relationship over time? Share your stories in the comments below, we’re so curious!


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They are all so true. I went through all that :) Anyone else can relate to them?


Sorry, Brightside, but some of these are rip-offs of Sarah's Scribbles comics. Go back to the Avocado comics, at least those were original. =/


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