Justin Bieber’s 5th Wedding Anniversary Post Made Fans Highly Suspicious, Here’s Why

5 months ago

Justin and Hailey Bieber just celebrated a huge milestone in their relationship, which resulted in a touching post penned by the singer for his beloved wife. However, Bieber’s fans scrupulously analyzed his Instagram tribute and all seem to agree on the same questionable detail.

Justin and Hailey’s love story is a hope to fans everywhere.

Numerous pop star fans all over the world pine for their idols to fall in love with them, and Hailey Bieber is living that fantasy. Back in 2009, Hailey was one of Justin Bieber’s devoted fans, hoping for a brief encounter and an autograph. Little did she know, she’d get his signature on their wedding certificate one day. She had to wait until 2018, but that’s when she officially became Mrs. Bieber.

Bieber’s wedding anniversary tribute is raising eyebrows.

Fast-forward to September 2023, when Hailey and Justin celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. The couple is going strong, and the famous singer decided to commemorate their milestone with a sweet Insta post. He wrote: “You have captivated my heart. I know from the depths of my soul down to my bones that this journey with you will only exceed our wildest expectations... Cheers to forever and ever. I love you with every fiber of my being.”

His words truly touched us and highlighted what a great writer he is. However, many fans in the comments found the tribute a bit too lovey-dovey and questioned whether Hailey herself was behind the sweet post.

Justin always supports Hailey on social media.

This is, unfortunately not the first time social media has turned against Hailey. She had mentioned before that Internet trolls have seriously affected her mental health. Hailey is seen as a wife to a superstar husband, which brings on a lot of negative attention to her starting from her appearance and ending with her behavior.

Of course, when the situation with online hate started getting out of hand, Justin couldn’t stand idly by and posted on his social media about the importance of not putting other people down and defended his wife. One of the things he wrote was: “I see people like this try and rally to gather people to mock the person I love the most in this world. It is not right.”

Seeing a man stand up and defend his wife’s honor never fails to warm our hearts. Take Pierce Brosnan too, for example. He once stood up for his wife, who got constantly criticized for her weight, and made us believe in true love. You can read all about that story here.


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