Men Confess Why They Find Older Women Irresistible

4 years ago

Admit it, most of us imagine a couple as a younger woman with an older man. A relationship where the man is younger wasn’t widely accepted in the past. Today people are more open-minded and things like age difference don’t play a big role anymore. It might seem surprising, but a lot of men are actually attracted to older women for different reasons.

Bright Side decided to shed some light on this mystery and help you understand what men find so alluring in older women.

Older women know what they want.

What attracts a man to an older woman from the beginning is her clear focus. She has a strong idea of what she wants and focuses her energy on reaching bigger goals. While younger ladies are still exploring the world through relationships and drama, older women are focused on improving their own lives and the lives of their loved ones. Men appreciate that there will be no guesswork with her because they can be straight-up in the relationship.

Older women know more about life.

Older women have more experience in life, dating, and relationships, in general, which allows the man to learn so many new things from her. She offers her perspective on several issues and her rich life experience helps a man look at life more realistically and leads him to mature at higher levels. These women have an ability to see a man in a way that he cannot see himself. She shows him what kind of a man he is and motivates him to achieve bigger goals.

They make you look at things from a different perspective.

A relationship with an older woman gives you an opportunity to grow. Sure, relationships in general help us learn things about ourselves and who we are, yet an older woman will help you to understand your feelings at a deeper level. You don’t need to play mind games with her, you don’t need to make her guess, just simply say what’s on your mind to her and you won’t feel pressured. This builds a stronger connection within the partnership and helps to build a strong, mature relationship.

They are confident and independent.

While younger ladies are still seeking attention and approval from the public, an older woman is comfortable in her own skin. She doesn’t need to prove herself to anyone and she is not looking for approval. She feels comfortable in the world. Her confidence and the way she carries herself is just magnetic. Older ladies enjoy men’s attention while also focusing on other important things.

They are more emotionally mature.

Older women have more life experience and they have been through a lot more in their lives. They know how to not overreact and how to control their emotions and behavior. But this surely doesn’t mean they are boring and don’t know what fun means. In most cases they are just as playful and childish inside as younger ladies, they love to chat, and they have a great time with their partners.

They have refined tastes.

Some men love the sense of calm that older women have. Younger ladies possess reckless energy that can be adorable and tempting, but this trait won’t attract all men. A lot of young men prefer a slower and more peaceful lifestyle that is relaxing and calm. Most older women prefer quiet hobbies like gardening, crafting, and painting, or spending their nights at a chill place like a jazz bar, instead of doing some hyper-stimulating activity.

They are intellectual conversationalists.

Older women are mature and excellent conversationalists. Their life experience allows them to understand the world on a deeper level. Moreover, statistics say that the majority of women who are over 30 have a degree. Educated women are smart and are able to maintain a deep conversation about almost any topic: the environment, the community, travel, media, etc. They have their own opinion about anything and this is what makes them attractive to men.

They are financially stable.

It’s no secret that guys also want financial security, no matter how young or old they are. Most older women have a well-established career, have money in a retirement fund, and have a strong sense of financial responsibility when paying their bills. This means that men also want to be called a sugar-baby sometimes.

Children have left the nest.

This may sound harsh, but not every man wants the responsibility of raising children. Most older women have grown-up children who don’t live with them anymore. This allows a man and his older passion to concentrate on each other and give their fullest to their partner. It might sound selfish, but some men prefer to have women’s attention all for themselves, without having to split it with her children.

A motherly relationship

Some men seek out mature women because they want to be taken care of. We are talking here about the mental and emotional support that an older woman can give to her man. This is also called “mommy syndrome” — a condition where a man needs a woman to do everything for him, from cooking to picking out his clothes. However, not all older women are going to put up with this.

She is good at cooking.

Older women have already mastered the art of cooking, can whip up anything from scratch, and it will almost always be super delicious! Younger ladies cook less and prefer eating out or ordering food delivery, while older women still like cooking for their man. They also appreciate good, wholesome dining together with family. Homemade, warm, and extra tasty!

Do you know a couple where the man is younger than his woman? Do you agree with the points in the article?


Also still to this day and age no matter if we have a Madame Vice President or not. You’ll never convince me to make a man financially secure with me instead of the other way around, no matter how much feminism is out there or women leaders. I will never give money to a man ever that is trying to be with me or date me. I believe as a woman to take everything you can from a man even if you have your own. I don’t believe men deserve anything financially from a woman. They need to provide the love, affection and “security” to a woman. But this is just my financial perspective. Age otherwise has nothing to do with this. If you want to be with a younger successful and attractive man then by all means do so.
As an older woman I would never take on a younger man to be his mommy, clean up after him or be his financial security, never ever. He would have to be established by his own self. I had a nephew take advantage this way and I kicked him out of my house. He never cleaned, he lived for free, he was basically a loser. He probably wanted to do me and that never happened. I kicked him out.
one more thing older women are more likely to be uglier form younger once and you get the advantage of the peace of mind from another man hitting on your women, I would say it's the main point btw
I have a couple of girlfriends who have younger boyfriends. Those sometimes act immature, but my friends don't think it's a bad thing. As for me, I prefer someone older, some stronger man.
I have also noticed this tendency, men prefer older women. Don't have anything against it, everyone has right to love who they want.
Moreover if we take the example of these celebrities, mentioned in the article, it seems like their marriages last longer than those from other celebs, who chose a younger woman as apartner.

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