Model at 71, How Rosa Saito Smashes All Age and Beauty Stereotypes and Ignites the World of Fashion

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Beauty standards that are accepted in today’s fashion world, sometimes resemble an imaginary cage. People who want to devote their life to the fashion industry must comply with so many rules regarding their age, appearance, and even behavior, that it’s becoming really oppressive for society. That’s why it’s always good news when we find out that the stereotypes have been ditched again and again, and there are some models who dare to challenge the whole industry.

Here at Bright Side, we want you to get acquainted with the now 71-year-old fashion model Rosa Saito, who proves to the whole world that age is just a number, but not a measure for someone’s beauty and talent.

Her modeling career started later in her life

At 68 years old, with white hair and a very strong talent for the arts, Rosa Saito suddenly discovered the passion of her life: the career of a model. Her real name is Setsuko Saito and she adopted the name Rosa on her Instagram to make the pronunciation easier.

Her height is 1.68 m, and her then-limited knowledge of the modeling industry didn’t stop her from shining in this area. The main trait that helped her was her adventurous spirit, which even brought her to São Paulo Fashion Week.

A love for beauty has developed for Rosa since her childhood

Rosa was born in Araçatuba, São Paulo. In her early childhood, she discovered her creative talent and pursued singing, drawing, and writing. Being a very creative child, she knew she would connect her life with something really beautiful.

“I always knew I was going to pursue something creative, something I could invent. Everything I do I take to that side,” she says.

Modelling hit Rosa unexpectedly and it was lucky shot.

Before she became a model, Rosa went through quite a lot of challenges and losses in her life. At 22, she took care of her bedridden mother. Then, as a mother of 3, she had to be both a mother and a father for her kids, as she lost her husband in 2000. But she had a bright spot in her life and it was taking care of plants. She found her daily meditation in them.

“It is important to seek and find yourself. And my moment of peace is with them (plants). I go to my garden and talk to them,” she says.

She had never thought of becoming a model but then she was approached by professionals. Only after she was invited 3 times did she decide to consider the idea.

“Twice it was by professionals from the Mega modeling agency and once by a photographer. I let the idea mature for a year, after all, it had costs too, it wasn’t something I was going to get into just like that, blindly. Until I decided to take the risk,” she recalls.

Rosa’s life is thriving now, and she has something to say to her admirers.

Setsuko was raised in a very natural way and never got to take even one aspirin as a child. “It was all based on tea, and in my essence, I am like that, kind of against everything that is chemistry. So I always took care of myself with aloe, coconut oil, olive oil,” she says.

But the strongest emphasis is made in harmony with oneself. “The beauty itself is in really taking care of your thoughts, your spirituality. The person can become beautiful, captivating, friendly, this is much more than the beauty all stretched and perfect. It’s the content that counts, in my opinion,” says Rosa.

For her, the beauty industry’s standards are oppressive, but there is hope. “I feel that slowly we are changing. People are living longer, taking care of themselves more and companies really need to open up more in that sense and visualize these potential customers.”

What is your opinion about Rosa Saito’s story? Would you ever consider being a model when you’re her age?


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