My Son Got Married Today, But I’m Spending the Day With His Ex-Wife

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6 months ago

Real-life stories can be even more surprising than TV dramas. In this story, a Bright Side reader deals with mixed feelings, including embarrassment about her 25-year-old son’s actions. This mom bravely made a tough decision and is now unsure about what to do next.

One of our readers reached out to us.

Thank you so much for not dismissing this behavior. He's still your son so keep the relationship just as you should keep the relationship with your former DIL. Explain how toxic his behavior is and how he should treat his child and the child's mother. Apparently, at one point she was "good enough". He's grown and will make his own decisions but never cosign ignorance.


Thanks for sharing your concern with us! We’ve got some helpful tips for you.

Have an honest conversation with your son.

Even if you’re unhappy with how your son is acting, it’s a good idea to keep talking to him. Have a conversation with your son and listen to his side of the story. Maybe your daughter-in-law hasn’t shared everything, or your son might not have wanted to get into all the details.

Share your worries and let him know you’re upset in a calm way. Tell him how his actions affected Amy, and let him know you expect him to own up to what he did.

Request that he assume responsibility for the child.

Tell your son he needs to look after the baby too. Taking care of their child is something they should both do, even if his feelings for Amy have changed. Urge your son to be a part of the baby’s life in terms of feelings and money. Consider making time for your son and the baby to spend together. This could help them connect more and build a stronger bond for the future.

Stay connected with Amy.

Stay connected with Amy, but only if she’s okay with it. Extend your support and friendship, showing that you genuinely care about her and the child’s well-being. Your assistance will likely be appreciated significantly since she’s raising the child as a single mom.

Say sorry if necessary.

Consider apologizing if you think your words on the wedding day were too strong. Sometimes, things are said in the heat of the moment. It was a significant day for your son, after all. Share your feelings and point of view, but also admit that your words may have been hurtful.

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