Paulina Porizkova, 57, Replies to Fans Who Criticized Her Bikini Selfie, and Gives Us Some Powerful Motivation

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Paulina Porizkova is a supermodel and actress, who once won the highest-paying modeling contract. She’s been fighting back against age stereotypes on her Instagram for several years now. The 57-year-old celebrity bravely faces her own insecurities, and, at the same time, she’s become a ray of sunshine for women from all over the world, who are learning to admire every wrinkle on their faces together with Paulina.

Here at Bright Side, we couldn’t pass by Paulina’s powerful philosophy, and we’d love for you to get inspired by her self-love and self-dignity together with us.

Paulina’s modeling career taught her some main life lessons.

The career of supermodel Paulina Porizkova spans more than 4 decades. Despite all the rumors about the modeling world, this woman took only the best from her modeling experience. She’s never tired of showing appreciation to all women who worked with her during her iconic career, and always calls it a “sisterhood.”

Behind her, Paulina has had some really hard times, like when her husband and Cars frontman, Ric Ocasek, cut her out of his will before his death in 2019 and left her in such dire straits that she had to borrow grocery money from friends following his death.

With age, Paulina became a real ambassador for natural beauty

Now, at age 57, Paulina is living her best life. On her Instagram, she constantly tries to express her feelings by writing meaningful posts for her fans. In the most recent one, she says: “As a model, you were supposed to represent the physically perfect woman. So, what was it like when I was ‘judged’ to be in my prime of physical beauty? It was probably when I felt the worst about myself. Walk into a room and take everyone’s breath away? More like, walk into a room knowing some people are whispering that you’re not all that hot up close or in real life, that Elle has a better body, that Christie has better teeth.”

In the same post, she expressed her attitude toward a famous stereotype about beauty: “And now, when I finally appreciate what I’ve been given, in society’s opinion, I’m losing my beauty. I feel in my prime now! The combination of my learning, maturing, and earning my wrinkles, combined with the way I look, I believe is the best balance I have ever had.

The former model strongly believes that a woman is gorgeous at any age, and she mentions her view in another post. She says, “I have lost the smooth glow and prettiness of youth, but I have gained character. I look at my girlfriends and loved ones, and what I love the most about them is exactly that, their ’They-ness.’ The unique imprints of their lives on their physical appearance, their uniqueness, their recognizability as ’them.’”

She seems to treat every wrinkle on her face as a special life award, and even highlights her wrinkles in one of her Instagram photos.

Paulina’s bikini selfies have become food for a vigorous debate.

When Paulina started posting her selfies wearing a bikini, there were a lot of admiration and compliments from fans. She accompanied one photo with a powerful caption: “Combat age. Reverse aging. Rejuvenate. Anti-age. None of this is possible. Yet, if you do an internet search on aging, this is what you’ll get. Pills, potions, and workouts to fight the aging process. You know what the only way is to stop aging? Dying.”

People praised her beauty and wisdom and called her their model to follow. But, unfortunately, not all of them were very nice to the model. Porizkova started receiving critical opinions from people, and one of the comments stated she was “too old” to wear a bikini.

Well, the supermodel didn’t take that lightly. She cracked her fingers and got to typing out a tremendous response.

She wrote, “People who believe prettiness equals beauty do not understand beauty. Pretty is easy on the eyes, partly because it’s a little bland, inoffensive. It’s easy to take in and easy to forget. This is not so with beauty. Beauty can be sharp. It can wound you and leave a scar. To perceive beauty, you have to be able to see. This is why I believe we get more beautiful with age. We have earned our beauty, we understand what it is, and we can see it so much better. There is no such thing as ugly and old. Only shortsighted and ignorant.”

Do you agree with the opinion of Paulina Porizkova about age and beauty? Would you dare to post a bikini selfie when you’re her age?


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I absolutely agree with her 100%. She looks even more beautiful to me now than when she were younger. She definitely has more character now than then. She should be happy and enjoy her bikini photos and any others she wants to share. She should ignore the negative, embrace the positive, and continue being a role model to others.


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Like, who are others to say that she’s too old to wear a bikini! Honestly I think she looks better in a bikini than younger people😊


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