18 Bizarre and Amusing Coincidences Which Prove That the World Is a Strange Place

4 years ago

Paulo Coelho once precisely said, "In my world everything is possible and everything is relative." A study conducted on universal connection says, "Every object is a link in an endless chain and is thus connected with all the other links." Sometimes the similarity is hilariously bizarre.

Bright Side has brought you a collection of pictures that are unexpectedly similar. They will surely amuse you or surprise you. Just take a look:

1. Too cute to be in the belly!

2. When your puppies look like fried chicken:

3. The dog looks surprised to find his twin in a Ziploc.

4. When owners love their dog like their own baby:

5. Size does not matter.

6. Polar bear or these Samoyeds, we want to cuddle both.

7. Built in Wi-Fi. Hmm?

8. Twinning

9. Is this cosplay or something?

10. Who wore it better?

11. When you meet Gandalf in a bar:

12. He must be the tiniest pharaoh.

13. This is so spot on.

14. Gum vs manicure

15. When you see it...

16. A Buddhist pug

17. When you want a kangaroo as a pet, but you have to settle for a German Shepherd:

18. Who doesn't want to be her fan?

If you think there are more look-alikes like this please share with us. We'd love to create another list with your suggestions.

Preview photo credit Reuters


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