People Are Posting Photos of Their Newfoundlands to Show the World How Ginormous They Really Are

4 years ago

Every owner is proud to share their pet’s pictures, but it’s a double joy when you know those who see it will just say, “Wow!” This is true about Newfoundlands, strong and brave working dogs whose weight can reach up to 150 pounds. These dogs are so big and charismatic, they can easily steal the show wherever they appear.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve found some gorgeous pics of Newfoundlands that reveal all the power and charm they possess.

1. “I will always be a lap dog!”

2. “Wow! How big is he?”

3. You always feel safe when your friend is a Newfie.

4. Who’ll win the game, you think?

5. The sweetest kiss

6. “With my humans”

7. “I wanna be big like you, bro!”

8. Awww...those lovely eyes

9. “Trying to give Dad a Christmas hug!”

10. Best friends forever

11. He’s still a puppy...

12. “Dancing with my mommy.”

13. “Wanna boop this booper?”

14. “10 months old and still growing!”

15. This puppy is just 4 months old...

16. “That’s my cat, human!”

17. These 2 look gorgeous, don’t they?

18. “C’mon, cuddle with me, Daddy.”

Do you know any proud owners of Newfoundlands? What do you think about having such a big and strong dog?


My Newfoundland puppy is 40 pounds and 14 weeks old. Didn't realize how big he was until I saw him. Big baby. His name is Pax.

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