Photos That Are Perfectly Timed to Make You Believe in the Supernatural

3 years ago

At times, we witness some very strange things that make us spend the rest of the day wondering, "What was that?!" These types of supernatural occurrences aren't necessarily related to ghosts but they have more to do with coincidences and perfect timing. Those who manage to capture these rare and almost mystical photos are masters of split-second photography.

We at Bright Side were astonished at the photos you're about to see!

1. This bursting bubble:

2. The chosen one?

3. Just a coincidence?

4. Flying away with the wave

5. The perfect moment

6. What friends are for

7. Walking on water is a thing of the past.

8. Ever wondered how animals and birds communicate?

9. This man has defied all laws of science. Look at his palm:

10. The distant cousin of the unicorn

11. Looks a bit creepy, right?

12. The dog's inner beast unleashed

13. It's one picture – no Photoshop.

14. What an eye!

15. Who's winning?

16. Fireworks are beautiful from far away and up close, as well.

17. What's happening here?

18. 2 dogs or one dog?

19. Looks like the diver made a new friend!

20. Perhaps, that's why they say "straight from the horse's mouth."

21. Look again!

Are there any pictures you couldn't figure out? Let us know and we'll explain it! And don't forget to share your most bewildering photos with us!

Preview photo credit CandIeJack / Imgur


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