Plus-Size Model Speaks Out Against Cruel Comments That Say Her Boyfriend Is “Too Hot” for Her

11 months ago

Michelle Nayla is a plus-size model who isn’t afraid of being her true self on the internet. Recently, the model’s videos on TikTok went viral when her boyfriend began to join her. Many people did not believe the two were a couple, and some cruel comments claimed he was too hot to date her. But Michelle hit back at the haters in the most perfect way and defended her relationship.

Michelle Nayla is a plus size model who talks about body positivity on social media.

The model has always been pretty open about supporting body positivity online. She vows to live her life freely without worrying about people’s comments. “Some day I’ll be able to tell my kids about their mum and when she was 25 in Greece living her best life in a bikini regardless of what her body looked like,” she wrote in one of her videos.

She occasionally makes cute TikTok videos with her boyfriend.

The two became a couple after Michelle’s boyfriend tried to date her for two years, even sending her handwritten love letters. She occasionally posts videos that include him. In one video, the two are working out together, with the caption: “POV: being each other’s motivation makes you feel like you could do anything together.”

However, people were quick to make judgments and made cruel comments towards the two.

Some people were quite negative in the comments of her videos with her boyfriend. One commenter said, “He is not her boyfriend, he just did it for the video. They have only this video on Instagram zero.” Another comment said, “It’s so odd that people want to date people they actually like, not because of looks.”

Despite the negativity, others immediately came to her defense.

Despite the negativity, a majority of people came to her defense, as one comment said, “People are so bothered by other people being happy and in relationships.” In another, someone said, “I can’t stand haters. Girl, you both look so cute.”

A supportive fan even said, “It’s honestly sad that there are people who act like that. It’s very clear they’re insanely jealous of you. Don’t let them get to you.”

The model also had the best response for the trolls.

Michelle also clapped back at the haters in her own way, captioning a video with her boyfriend, “Kisses with my well-paid actor #couple.” She also put out an inspiring message for plus-size people in a TikTok: “Don’t let your body image determine how you deserve to be loved. You deserve all the attention, thoughtfulness, and butterflies regardless of your body size.”

Another couple on TikTok called Scott and Divine were cruelly trolled by haters who thought Scott’s wife was more attractive than him, but the couple also stood up against the negativity and shared their inspiring love story with others.


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