“She Thinks I’m Handsome,” Husband Cruelly Trolled For Being Too Ugly For His Hot Wife

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A husband on TikTok is standing up against haters who claim that his wife is only with him for his money because she is more attractive. Scott, who is from Texas, and his wife, Divine, who is originally from the Philippines, first met in 2017 after she sent him Facebook message thinking he was someone else.

Scott admits that before he met Divine, his life was pretty boring.

This mistake sparked a long-distance relationship which then turned into a marriage after he proposed to her during a trip to her home country that same year. Nearly four years later, they tied the knot when Divine relocated to the USA. They had an exclusively online relationship throughout this period, but Scott visited his girlfriend six times.

Scott has been living with scleroderma since the age of 13. It’s an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in the skin and other body areas. Due to the disease’s aggressive nature, Scott spent most of his time at home, missing his high school and college years.

At 22, he decided he was healthy enough to start working and finally try to do normal things. Meeting Divine motivated him to travel, despite doctors’ restrictions. They thought it would be impossible because his oxygen level was not good enough. But Scott proved it was wrong and flew to the Philippines 6 times just to see the love of his life. Scott’s family agrees that Divine has brought a lot of light into his life, during their relationship, he became much more confident and happier.

The couple has faced much negative backlash on social media for being together.

They started their TikTok together in 2021, but haters refused to believe they could ever be together. The most common misconceptions about their relationship are accusing Divine of just wanting a green card from him or that she married him because he was rich. But the couple only laughs at it, claiming it was too long a journey for such a thing.

They recently made a TikTok video responding to a comment, “Wow. He isn’t cute at all. Come on. Be real with us.” To which Scott replied, “Guess it doesn’t really matter — she thinks I’m handsome.” Taking it even further, Divine said, “Yeah, what are you talking about, guys? My husband is very, very handsome,” she grabbed his face, caressing his cheek and giving him a huge kiss on the lips.

The couple gave a recommendation to couples in a long-distance relationship.

“The only thing I can recommend is just to have patience because long-distance is hard, and you’re always going to make sacrifices to be in their life no matter how far away or what time it is,” opens up Scott. “Trust the process,” adds Divine.

Recently another TikTok couple named Alin and Maria faced a negative backlash about their relationship due to the 220 Lbs weight difference. Alin admits that he even kept his girlfriend a ’secret’ for a year as he worried about what others will think. But now the couple openly shares their story on social media to prove that love doesn’t judge.


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