A Guy Admits to Keeping Girlfriend a ’Secret’ Due to 220 Lbs Weight Difference

9 months ago

Alin and Maria have faced a lot of judgment for being a mixed-weight couple. They were even forced to hide their love. Alin admits there was a ’mental barrier’ at the start of their relationship as he worried about what others will think. But now the couple openly shares their story on social media to prove that love doesn’t judge.

The beginning of their relationship was a real challenge for Alin.

As usually happens these days, Alin and Maria met on social media. A man opens up that he had never been in a relationship with a plus-size woman before, “Some people can’t believe we like each other and some think I’m weird. But the reality is, I have always liked bigger women, but I have never been in a relationship with one.”

“So at the start, it was hard for me to accept the relationship. I knew I liked Maria, but I didn’t want to show her off as I feared judgment. There was a mental barrier for me as I thought people were going to be rude about Maria,” Alin continues his story.

He kept the relationship a secret for almost a year. But Maria insists it wasn’t a problem as she was used to it. She explains, “Over the years, I have realized a lot of men like bigger women, but they wouldn’t commit to a relationship as they didn’t want to be judged.”

Despite the hate they continue to prove that love doesn’t judge.

Now Alin changed his mind and became more open. Although the couple was supported by family and friends, they still faced the negative from strangers on the street and online. Alin says these comments don’t hurt him, “I know my truth. I think she’s beautiful. I’m proud of our relationship and no one can change it.”

“People assume he just feeds me to gain weight,” laughs Maria. “But I didn’t gain any weight since I’m with him.” She also admits feeling less affected by the negative comments as she has been a target of nasty comments, “I think I just got confident at a very young age.”

Alin makes clothes for his lover, so she can have nice outfits.

Maria admits that she has trouble finding clothes. But Alin found a creative way to solve this problem. He learned to sew from scratch in 30 days just to make a dress for his lover.

“I wanted her to feel beautiful and have nice clothes,” he says. Maria confirms, “I love that Alin makes my clothes, if there is anything that I cannot buy in stores, then I can go to him and ask if it’s possible that he can sew it for me.”

The couple opens up about why they openly share their love on social media, “I hope that maybe someone in this world will see this and know that it’s OK that he loves the person he loves.”

Unfortunately, this is not the only mixed-couple story that faces criticism. Alex and Noah are an inter-abled couple, which faced a huge amount of negative backlash after a pregnancy announcement. Alex even documented her pregnancy to “end the stigma” about disabled parenthood.

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