Sophie Turner Reveals Her New ’Tall and Handsome Aristocrat’ Boyfriend 3 Months After Divorce

7 months ago

Only three months following her surprising breakup with American pop-rocker Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner has discovered a new romantic interest who also has English roots like her.

Sophie Turner, known for her role in Game of Thrones, confirmed her relationship with Peregrine ‘Perry’ John Dickinson Pearson after photos surfaced of the couple kissing in London.

“Sophie has been casually dating a few people since her split from Joe,” a source told, noting that she “really seems to like spending time with Perry.”

The insider reveals that the actress has been developing a closer bond with Pearson, 29, in recent weeks. “Things are still fairly new,” the source added, “but she’s really happy with how things are moving along”.

According to reports, Turner’s new boyfriend Peregrine is a rich, tall and handsome British aristocrat. Known by friends as “Perry,” the 29-year-old Pearson is the eldest son and heir of Michael Pearson, a media mogul.

Pearson has maintained a private personal life away from public scrutiny, rarely giving interviews or opening details about his life to the world.

Sophie Turner ended her relationship with Joe Jonas after 7 years as a couple and 4 years of marriage. The unexpected divorce announcement from the couple, who share 2 children, has taken everyone by surprise. Joe took the initiative in initiating the legal process, and the true reason behind his decision has now been disclosed.


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