Still Stunning at 64, Michelle Pfeiffer Shares Her Views on Plastic Surgery

11 months ago

Michelle Pfeiffer has been wowing audiences for decades with her incredible on-screen transformations and radiant beauty. At the age of 64, the gorgeous actress is still quite busy with different projects and looks as stunning as ever. If you’ve been wondering how she does it, the answer might be more straightforward than you think. Read on to discover what the secret of her ever-youthful charm is.

To her fans’ delight, Pfeiffer occasionally posts make-up-free pics on her Instagram, letting her natural beauty shine through. Naturally, people often assume that celebrities owe their eternally youthful glow to plastic surgeries and pricey cosmetic treatments, but Michelle’s skincare routine is actually very simple.

’’I cleanse, I moisturize — that’s it,’’ Pfeiffer claims. However, she is very careful about the type of skincare products she uses. She swears by organic creams and lotions with safe, natural ingredients, though this was not always the case.

In one interview, she confessed that in her 20s she was totally careless: ’’I ate what I wanted and used bar soap on my skin,’’ adding that she did ’’nothing’’ when it came to beauty and skincare.

Pfeiffer was also candid about her views on plastic surgery, admitting that she ’’toyed’’ with the idea of getting some work done when she noticed the first signs of aging.

Although we cannot confirm if she indeed had a cosmetic procedure, the star seems to have embraced getting older: “I certainly see that I’ve changed. I just try not to dwell on it,” she told the magazine. “Aging happens to every single one of us. Once you accept that, it unburdens you,” she says.

The iconic actress is also determined to keep her look as natural as possible, saying that she doesn’t want to look like a ’’wax figure’’ of herself. To keep her body fit and healthy, Michelle doesn’t shy away from strenuous exercise. Her workout includes lifting weights, doing Pilates, and breaking a sweat on a treadmill.

As for her diet, it’s been rumored that she even went vegan for a while: ’’Eating this kind of food is much healthier, and you avoid a lot of toxins that could age your skin and body,’’ she shared at that time.


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I've always very much enjoyed Michelle Pfeiffer's work and have always thought she was incredibly beautiful and talented. She's very funny and has a wide range of acting abilities. She's done drama, comedy, and horror/thrillers, and they're all fantastic films that are wildly entertaining. She still looks fabulous as well.


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