The fittest grandma in the world celebrates her 80th birthday

10 months ago

Many people try to start a new and better life every week for years on end. If you are still procrastinating, then meet the one and only Ernestine Shepherd from Baltimore, MD, who is one of the oldest female bodybuilders. Today she celebrates her 80th birthday, but she still participates in competitions and marathons, and her figure is like that of a 20-year-old woman.

As Ernestine herself says, for the most part of her life she wasn’t an active person and didn’t like physical exercise. She only began getting in shape at the age of 56, together with her sister. The two of them fell in love with aerobics and started taking part in sports competitions. In 2010, the athletic lady got into the Guinness World Records Book as the oldest female bodybuilder.

The record-setter begins each day at 3 a.m., when she meditates, and then she goes for a jog. At 8 a.m. she starts her personal training, and she goes to bed no later than 10 p.m. Cooking for the family is the job of Ernestine’s loving husband, Colin, to whom she’s been married for 60 years. Her diet consists of rice, chicken breasts, chestnuts, cereals, and eggs, as well as copious amounts of water.

Ernestine assures people that they can start taking care of their body at any age. The hardest part is to stay your own best fan even when there’s no one to make you go on. We at Bright Side are fascinated by this amazing woman who is so strong and incredibly charismatic. We suggest you take a look at her.

Preview photo credit Ernestine Shepherd/Facebook


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