«It Wasn’t Easy,» Hilary Swank Gets Candid On Being a Mom to Her 10-Month-Old Twins

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Hilary Swank announced in 2022 that she was expecting twins. In April, the ’Million Dollar Baby’ actress and her husband, Philip Schneider, celebrated the arrival of their newborn twins — a son and a daughter — with a post on Instagram. In a new interview, the actress reflected on her life as a new mum to 10-month-old twins.

Both Swank and Scheider have twins in their lineage.


To this day, the exact cause of how identical twins happen is still unknown and occurs in approximately 1 in every 250 pregnancies. It’s not hereditary, and some factors increase the chances of having non-identical twins. For example, Nigerians are more likely to have twins than Japanese people.

Moreover, pregnant women over 35 have a higher chance of having non-identical twins as they are more likely to release multiple eggs during ovulation. In Hilary Swank’s case, her grandmother was a twin, as well as her husband’s grandmother, so the odds of her having twins were higher than average.

Hilary never wanted to rush the process of becoming a mother.

Almost 20 years ago, the actress said that having kids was always on her mind, ever since she was a young girl. She added, “I just love kids, and that would be an important thing to happen for me someday whenever the time is right.” And that time ended up being 2023.

The miracle babies arrived one week earlier than their due date.

Babies have their own busy schedules, and they know when the time is right for them to make their grand entrance. Hilary shared a picture of herself holding the twins, one on each shoulder — as well as letting us know she had fraternal twins. She captioned it, “It wasn’t easy. But boy (and girl!) was it worth it. Posting from pure heaven.”

Hilary Swank reflects on her life as a new mum to 10-month-old twins.

Hilary Swank recently opened up about her experiences as a new mother to her 10-month-old twins. During her appearance on the latest episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Swank affectionately referred to them as her “little Cupid Valentines!”

When Fallon asked about life with 10-month-old twins, Swank replied, “It’s the best in the whole wide world. Yes, it’s more joy, more fun and more exhausting. It’s more everything than I ever thought it would be. It’s more glorious, it’s the most extraordinary thing in the world.”

Reflecting on her twins, Swank shared some delightful anecdotes, mentioning how her daughter’s first sounds, “My daughter... the first thing she started ever saying, she sounded like a morning dove. Like just a beautiful little morning dove.”

“And then it turned into a growl. She growls, but like really commits,” the proud mom laughs, demonstrating her daughter’s growl," she added.

Swank also noted that her daughter is embracing language with greetings to everything, while her son is avidly absorbing and learning from the world around him, marking the unfolding of their unique personalities and milestones.

Hilary Swank’s candid reflections on her journey as a mother to her 10-month-old twins offer a glimpse into the profound joys and challenges of motherhood. Swank reminds us that amidst the chaos and sleepless nights, the journey of parenthood is filled with immeasurable love and priceless moments that make it all worthwhile.


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