The Top 5 Factors That Lead to Divorce

It’s really difficult to start a family. You will face conflicts, crises, doubts, and that’s okay. If you react correctly, you will finally understand that it’s not a tragedy but a new level in your relationship.

Bright Side wants the number of happy families to grow. That’s why we show the most dangerous factors that can ruin a marriage and how to cope with them.

5. Hasty decisions regarding marriage

The number of partners a woman has before marriage is more complex once she’s married. According to findings, women with around 3-9 partners were actually less likely to divorce than women who had only 2. Despite this, women with one or no previous partners were the least likely to divorce, and women with over 10 were the most likely.

What to do? Marriage is difficult, long-lasting, and not always pleasant work. If you decide to get married, you have to realize it fully: “I’m taking responsibility for our relationship, and I’m definitely ready to work on it.”

4. Routine household chores

Modern studies lead us to believe that strict rules in a household can also be a reason for divorce, especially when there’s an uneven division of work. Such rules give the impression of a second job, not a cozy home.

What to do? Be creative! Common jokes and traditions turn routine tasks into exciting games. Take it easy. Treat yourself by ordering a pizza or going to a nice café instead of cooking dinner with your last ounce of strength. Set aside house cleaning for later. Or just start a competition to see “who will remove the dust faster” with some nice prizes. Try making plans weekly as opposed to a rigid routine. And sometimes it’s okay to hire outside work.

3. Your friends are divorcing

Close relationships with people who are divorcing can also influence your marriage badly if you have some misunderstandings. You might start to draw a parallel with those who have just broken up. And there is a risk that you will find much in common and decide that your marriage is over.

What to do? You should understand that if you stop meeting this "dangerous" couple, you will not actually resolve your relationship problems. You should have really close relations all the time, not just before or after a friend’s divorce. Open your hearts to each other, and be honest. When there is a good atmosphere in your relationship, external factors cannot destroy it.

2. Work overload

A career is perfect when it doesn’t influence your personal life. Your image as a highly qualified specialist will become less important if you suddenly face the threat of losing your family. Of course, you shouldn’t neglect your duties at work, but you shouldn’t neglect your duties at home either.

What to do? Set your priorities. Separate your work from your family, and don’t exaggerate the importance of one thing over the other. Be ready to say "no" to your boss if he wants you to stay late on Friday evening. Be ready to explain to your beloved that today’s meeting is of high importance, and there is no chance to postpone it.

1. Hiding your infidelity

Conjugal infidelity is one of the most difficult problems that a family can face. If you’ve already made such a mistake, you should be ready to take responsibility.

What to do? You should understand that it’s even worse to keep your secret than to tell the truth. No one can be sure that your spouse will forgive you and the family will not be ruined. But such a secret will undoubtedly destroy your relationship from the inside. So we can say that honesty provides a chance to save a family, whereas lies take the last opportunity away.

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Illustrated by Natalia Kulakova for Bright Side


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