Let’s See How the Cast of “Matilda” Looked in 1996 vs Now

11 months ago

Matilda, one of many children’s favorite movies from the ’90s, was released on August 2, 1996. And since then, many people are still likely to be surprised by the intelligence of the beloved little character. They may even fall in love with Miss Honey’s kindness and laugh until they cry at the evil and amusing Ms.Trunchbull. So, in case you were wondering what the characters look like now, we’re ready to reveal their modern looks!

1. Marion Dugan — “Cookie”

2. Jacqueline Steiger — Amanda Thripp

3. Paul Reubens — FBI Agent Bob

4. Kira Spencer Cook — Hortensia

5. Jimmy Karz — Bruce Bogtrotter

6. Kiami Davael — Lavender

7. Rhea Perlman — Mrs. Wormwood

8. Pam Ferris — Agatha Trunchbull

9. Matilda’s hysterical father, Mr. Wormwood, played by Danny DeVito, also happened to be the narrator of the film.

10. Embeth Davidtz — Miss Honey

11. Our favorite underestimated girl, Matilda, played by Mara Wilson

Matilda, the enchanting 1996 film based on Roald Dahl’s beloved book, captivates audiences with its heartwarming tale of a clever and determined young girl. Matilda’s character embodies resilience and intelligence, reminding us that age should never limit our potential. Through her adventures and triumphs, Matilda inspires us to embrace our unique gifts and stand up for what is right. This timeless film leaves a lasting impression, reminding us of the power of imagination, the importance of family, and the magic that can be found within ourselves.


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I thought Danny DeVito only played in like.. non-serious movies(?).. I only know him from memes


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