20 Pics of Mixed Breed Dogs That Will Charm You Into Getting One

11 months ago

Every dog breed has unique features we adore them for, and their crossbreeds create amazing doggos that take the best from both of their parents. We’ve gathered a list featuring the corgi, corgi mix, corgi hybrid, and other cute crossbreeds. Just imagine a dachshund with the face of an English bulldog, a corgi with the speckled fur of an Australian Shepherd, or a tiny pug that looks just like a husky.

1. This cute Pug and Husky crossbreed looks like a Pug in a Halloween costume.

The crossbreed husky pug is a designer dog that results from crossbreeding the Siberian husky, a sled-pulling breed, with a pug, a companion dog. Despite their high contrast in appearance, size, and traits, this mixed breed is a real thing. The husky pug, also referred to as a “hug,” is an amiable pet that makes a great addition to any family. In certain instances, these hybrid canines may also be employed for search and rescue services or as a means of protection.

2. Half-German shepherd, half-husky, and completely adorable!

The crossbreed “shepsky” is a delightful hybrid dog resulting from the breeding of a German shepherd and a Siberian husky. These medium-sized dogs are energetic, loyal, and have inherited the best qualities in a dog from both parents. Although often referred to as the Gerberian Shepsky, these designer dogs can also be found in shelters and breed-specific rescues, making adoption a better option than buying.

3. When an English bulldog falls in love with a dachshund:

The crossbreed “bulldach,” also known as an English bulldog dachshund, is a mixed breed that combines the English bulldog and dachshund breeds. Both breeds have distinctive characteristics, with the English bulldog being calm, loyal, and friendly, while the dachshund is known for being smart, independent, and spunky. Despite their differences, the bulldach inherits traits from both parents, making it a unique and exceptional crossbreed in terms of personality and appearance.

4. This Rottweiler and Australian shepherd mix has mesmerizing speckles on its fur.

The Australian Shepherd Rottweiler mix is a crossbreed hybrid that results from crossing the energetic herding breed, the Australian shepherd, with the bold and playful Rottweiler. This breed is not for inexperienced dog owners and requires confident and knowledgeable handling. They make great companions for those with previous dog experience, especially with herding breeds. Their loyalty and unique traits are sure to attract devoted fans.

5. Heterochromia makes this German shepherd and husky crossbreed look even more unique.

The offspring of a husky and German shepherd cross can display unique features from both parents, such as heterochromia (different-colored eyes) inherited from the husky or the longer snout characteristic of the German shepherd. Additionally, they are likely to have distinctive alert ears shared by both breeds.

6. “An Australian shepherd and corgi mix with the best puppy dog eyes!”

This corgi hybrid, known as the corgi-Australian shepherd mix, is a designer breed that results from crossing a corgi with an Australian shepherd. The breed is also referred to as the corgi Aussie or Augie. This mixed breed is challenging to handle but provides a fun-loving and exciting experience. Australian shepherds are famous for being intelligent and diligent, while corgis are classic herding dogs who require a task but are also known for being playful.

7. This golden retriever and dachshund mix is happy to see you all.

The crossbreed “golden dox” is a wonderful choice for families due to its unique and lively mix of parent breeds. Dachshunds are known for their feisty demeanor, while golden retrievers have a more laid-back personality. The golden dox breed typically displays friendliness and intelligence, coupled with high energy levels thanks to its complementary mix of characteristics from its parents.

With any luck, you may also get an endearing puppy that will offer protection and affection. However, the only challenge you may face is if the puppy inherits the dachshund’s obstinate disposition.

8. This fluffy cutie has inherited the best features of both of her parents — a corgi and an Australian shepherd, a beautiful corgi mix.

9. In case you were wondering what a puppy from a Newfoundland and a border collie would look like...

The crossbreed Border Newfie is a mixed-breed dog that combines a border collie and a Newfoundland dog. This large-sized dog is known for its sturdy bone structure. However, there is limited information about the history and origin of this hybrid breed, so it is possible that the Border Newfie may exhibit traits commonly found in its parent breeds.

10. Those eyes though! One of the parents of this beautiful mutt is surely a husky.

11. “Our rescue girl! We were told she is a corgi and pug mix.”

Both breeds are popular for their companionship despite their different backgrounds. This cute corgi mix of corgi and pug, both ranking high on the list of popular dog breeds, have been crossbred to create the short and stout “porgi.” This hybrid breed inherits traits from both parents, making it essential to understand the characteristics of the corgi and the pug before considering the porgi as a pet.

12. “My brother’s mix is a half-golden retriever, a quarter husky, and a quarter boxer. In other words, one of a kind!”

A “goberian” is a crossbreed dog, resulting from the crossbreeding of the golden retriever and the Siberian Husky. This breed is highly valued for its friendly and playful personality, making it an excellent addition to any family. The goberian is not as common as other golden retriever hybrids, but it is well-known for its intelligence, high energy levels, and beautiful eyes.

13. Who knew a boxer and a shar-pei mix could look that charismatic?

The “box-a-shar” is a hybrid dog breed that results from the crossbreeding of a boxer and a shar-pei. With both parents contributing their distinct characteristics, the box-a-shar can exhibit a wide range of physical traits, weighing up to 65 pounds and sporting various colors, such as light brown, black, red, golden, merle, and brindle. The dog’s coat can also be speckled or spotted, depending on the individual.

14. Gorgeous husky and shepherd crossbreed sisters

15. “A puppy that came into my store — a husky/Pomeranian mix”

This crossbreed, known as a “pomsky,” is a delightful dog breed that is ideal for apartment living. They have charming and playful personalities, and their cute appearance makes them the center of attention. Although they are a designer breed resulting from crossing Siberian husky and Pomeranian parents, they have gained immense popularity among dog enthusiasts. However, people who hastily purchase pomsky puppies from breeders often find themselves struggling to meet their requirements.

16. This Alaskan Malamute/Weimaraner mix looks completely adorable!

Here is an explanation for both breeds separately. The Weimaraner can be a good option for new or inexperienced owners, while the Alaskan Malamute is generally not recommended. Both breeds are known to be good with children. Grooming the Weimaraner is relatively easy, while the Alaskan Malamute requires a lot of grooming. The Alaskan Malamute is known to bark and howl frequently, while the Weimaraner has an average tendency to bark.

17. “Clyde, a corgi/pit bull mix, just before I threw a new tennis ball”

These canines are moderate in size, which makes them fitting for small houses or bigger apartments. As both breeds can exhibit independence and stubbornness, it is advisable to have prior experience in owning dogs. In case you are not prepared for a lively breed, there are other pit bull mixes you may want to explore as well as cute corgi dogs you can get too.

18. This German shepherd and corgi mix looks right into your soul with her different-colored eyes.

19. Another absolutely paw-some pup whose parents consist of a German shepherd and a corgi

20. 50% Dalmatian, 50% pitbull, and 100% charm

There is an unjustified negative perception of pit bulls due to their aggressive behavior, and some countries have laws limiting the ownership of pit bulls and their crosses. Dalmatians tend to shed excessively, which might not suit everyone. Nonetheless, both parent breeds can make excellent and affectionate companions, ideal as family pets. If you’re an active person who enjoys outdoor activities, a mixed breed with these traits might be a great companion for long walks and hikes.


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Here is our sweet puppy, Luna, who is a golden retriever and Australian shepherd mix.


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