20 Unusual Mixed Dog Breeds That Are Totally Pawsome

4 years ago

Each dog is completely unique in its own way, especially it’s true for crossbreeds. A dwarf German Shepherd, the incredible blue eyes of a Pitbull and Siberian Husky mix, a cute smile of a Chihuahua and Pug mix... we can assure you, the results of this genetic lottery are more than adorable. Just continue reading this article, and you’ll see everything for yourself.

Bright Side put together 20 photos of amazing dogs who definitely hit the genetic jackpot. And don’t miss our bonus at the end — you’ll see the only dog breed that can’t bark.

20. This grown up German Shepherd is a dwarf.

19. Half Husky, half Pitbull, fully adorable

18. This Corgi/Aussie mix can win your heart with a single glance.

17. The Mexican hairless dog doesn’t need fur to be cute.

16. Half Labrador, half Rottweiler, all fluff

15. Chewie the Pekapoo (Pekingese and Poodle mix) looks like a small polar bear.

14. When a Husky and a German Shepherd fall in love:

13. This Pitbull and Siberian Husky mix has an incredible icy blue stare.

12. This Border Collie and Samoyed mix has the most boopable nose ever.

11. This German Shepherd and Shar-Pei mix looks like it has been Photoshopped, but it hasn’t.

10. This Labradoodle’s name is Noodles, probably because of his fur.

9. Pomsky — immense cuteness in a tiny dog

8. This Labsky has Husky eyes and a Labrador body.

7. This is not a fox, it’s just a half-Husky half-Pomeranian dog.

6. A Corgi-Dalmatian mix looks like an Oreo milkshake dog.

5. This little Catahoula mix puppy wants to be a leopard when he grows up.

4. A Dachshund and Golden Retriever bred together look adorable and a bit weird at the same time.

I have a Dachshund and German Shepherd mix. Some say wierd I say he is cuteness.


3. The Puhuahua — a mix of a Chihuahua and a Pug

2. This Shar-Pei and Bulldog mix looks very concerned. But don’t worry — it’s just the wrinkles.

1. Winston the Aussalier — an Aussie and Cavalier mix

Bonus: The Basenji dog is the only dog breed that can’t bark.

Are you the happy owner of a dog who is an interesting mix of breeds? If so, feel free to share photos of your pet in the comments!

Preview photo credit Hebahx / twitter


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Dachshund and Golden Retriever breed is something special. I love it :3


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