17 Times People Saw Something That Left Them Mystified

2 years ago

The human brain recognizes and adapts to patterns even better than computers. However, at times, we can’t help but wonder what we’re looking at. We simply can’t wrap our heads around some objects because they look so confusing — even the best programs would have trouble identifying them. Still, with a bit of patience, we can crack visual riddles, and that brings us satisfaction.

Bright Side found some pics that will make your brain sweat.

1. The way this Lay’s chip bag lines up with my buddy’s face.

2. Looks like one of those pictures that tests for color blindness.

3. Giant bookshelf

4. Just my dad and his dog.

5. Looks like the boat is riding the edge of a wave.

6. A flat wall/door that looks like a corner.

7. A desk lamp pointed at the wall.

8. “Giant rescued Bully Pitt’s head could easily be mistaken for mine.”

9. Seen on the London Underground.

10. My dog looks like an A.I. generated mess.

11. This sassy gal showing off her gams.

12. One cat looks like 2.

13. From a Belgian TV show.

14. Levitating hand

15. Sometimes after a hike our feet get confused.

16. Flip-lock sandals

17. Went to the Grand Canyon and took a pic of a squirrel, didn’t notice the miniature Asian man trying to pet it.

What’s the most confusing thing you’ve ever seen? How did you manage to figure it out?

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Preview photo credit K3 / Studio 100, Oiseauii / Reddit


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