What the Cast of “Dawson’s Creek” Looks Like 24 Years After the Show First Aired

2 years ago

The special thing about Dawson’s Creek is that both the creator and the cast were newbies when they started the show and didn’t have much experience with television. However, with much effort, they managed to create a relatable teenage drama that people of any age still watch, even 24 years after it first aired. Though part of the cast decided to stay in the spotlight after the show ended, we rarely see some of them in new films.

That’s why we, at Bright Side, got curious and decided to find out how much the cast has changed over the years.

1. Joey Potter portrayed by Katie Holmes

2. Dawson Leery portrayed by James Van Der Beek

3. Pacey Witter portrayed by Joshua Jackson

4. Jen Lindley portrayed by Michelle Williams

5. Jack McPhee portrayed by Kerr Smith

6. Andie McPhee portrayed by Meredith Monroe

7. Gail Leery portrayed by Mary-Margaret Humes

8. Mitch Leery portrayed by John Wesley Shipp

9. Evelyn Ryan (Grams) portrayed by Mary Beth Peil

10. Audrey Liddell portrayed by Busy Philipps

11. Charlie Todd portrayed by Chad Michael Murray

12. Eddie Dooling portrayed by Oliver Hudson

13. Gretchen Witter portrayed by Sasha Alexander

14. Todd Carr portrayed by Hal Ozsan

15. C.J. portrayed by Jensen Ackles

Which character was your favorite? Who do you think changed the most?


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