“When You Go Home at Night, Don’t Turn Your Lights on Immediately,” TikToker Shares a Life-Saving Tip for Women Who Live Alone

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10 months ago

A video posted by a TikToker for women who live alone and are heading home for the night has gone viral on TikTok, amassing over 23 million views. The user @heyitsmaryalice has shared a shocking safety tip with her followers. The post serves as a cautionary tip for women, and we’d love for you to find out more and share your opinion with us.

The advice turned out to be simple yet priceless.

Mary Alice, known on TikTok as @heyitsmaryalice, has shared a video cautioning women who live alone about a potential safety risk. In the video, she advises women to refrain from turning on their lights immediately after entering their apartments in the evening. The post has gained significant attention and reminds women to be vigilant about their safety.

“If someone’s following you home, they’re gonna know what apartment you live in,” she explains. Mary Alice then shares a personal story about how she decided to keep her lights off after entering her apartment.

In her video, Mary Alice shares a personal experience where a stranger approached her as she exited her car to return home to her apartment building. The man attempted to engage her in conversation about a headlight that was out on her vehicle.

After entering her apartment, Mary Alice chose not to turn on the lights. She watched on her Ring camera as the man waited on the street outside her apartment complex for around 5 minutes. Her experience reminds women to be cautious and vigilant about their surroundings for their safety.

Mary Alice explains that by not turning on the lights, the stranger only knew which car was hers and where she lived, but not her specific apartment. She also shared that the only light she had on was her bathroom light, which did not have windows. The video has received positive responses from viewers who thanked her for sharing the tip, as it is not something many women may consider in their daily routine.

“Amazing advice that I guarantee so many don’t think about...I didn’t until you said something!” one commenter wrote. “Thank you!”

“This is so smart definitely adopting this, but also, I’m scared someone will already be home waiting in the dark for me,” another user said.

“Wow, never thought about this,” another person echoed. “Getting blackout curtains for the side of your apartment where it’s visible from the street is also a good idea!”

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My lights and radio are left on all the time i don't like leaving my cat in silence, she is quite twitchy when she hears something strange.

Your advice is solid AND something I had never considered xo


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