9 Things We Do Wrong With Our Skincare Routine

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4 years ago

In pursuit of flawless and good-looking skin we set a skincare routine and try to follow it with dedication. While having only the best intentions when planning our regimen, we sometimes sabotage our skin without even knowing it. According to some dermatologists, a lot of women don't even moisturize their skin every day. Lack of moisture will not only lead to the development of more wrinkles, but it can also cause acne and flaking.

We at Bright Side gathered some mistakes we make that are constantly damaging our skin.

1. Not starting your routine with washing the makeup off

The very first step in your skincare routine should be cleansing. Ideally, do a double cleanse in the PM. The first step is for washing off the makeup, the second step is to make sure your pores aren't clogged.

2. Using the wrong cleanser

Squeaky clean skin isn't as good for you as it may seem. The normal pH of our skin is around 5.5. That's why cleansers with a higher pH can cause acne, by provoking our sebaceous glands to produce more sebum than we naturally need.

3. Not applying toners after cleansing

Toner doesn't seem like a necessary step in a skincare regimen, but it is. Toners will prepare your skin for a moisturizer and remove chlorines and minerals found in tap water. Don't forget to make sure you are using an alcohol-free one.

4. Using too many exfoliating products

Removing dead skin cells is very important, but physical exfoliants can damage your skin and result in dehydration and flaking. Instead, try using acid peeling serums which work on the skin surface directly and stimulate cell renewal.

5. Popping pimples

Do not squeeze pimples, because this way you'll only spread the infection further on your face. Instead use special acne treatments such as salicylic acid directly on spots.

6. Avoid using oils

Even if your skin is more on the oily side, you should definetly use oils to moisturize your skin. Lack of hydration leads to even more active work of our sebaceous glands, and we don't need that. It is better to use oils with linoleic acid like organic rosehip oil, hemp seed oil, or pumpkin seed oil.

7. Not using SPF products

Skin that is unprotected from the sun tends to get more wrinkles and pigmentation. You should definitely use sun screen every day and not just in the summer. The higher the SPF level, the better.

8. Not changing pillow cases regularly

It may not be obvious, but our pillow cases actually collect a lot of bacteria from our body and external sources. During our sleep these bacteria can transfer to your face and cause acne. To avoid this do not forget to change your pillow cases at least once a week.

9. Not drinking enough water & eating junk food

Every problem that appears on our faces starts inside our body. That's why you should also consider your eating and drinking habits. Start drinking more water and eating clean, and your skin will change for the better.

Bonus: Kick your worst habits.

Cigarette smoking breaks down collagen and elastin, which are essential for younger looking skin. That is why getting rid of this habit helps to reduce and slow down the aging process.

Did you know that these steps of your skincare routine could actually damage your skin? Have you tried any of the suggested tips? Share your answers with us in the comments below!

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