Why Lazy Parents Can Raise Exceptional Kids

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4 years ago

The era of super-parents seems to have come to an end and more parents are trying to adopt the style of “lazy parenting” nowadays. But this doesn’t mean you should let your kids hang out and watch YouTube all day long. It’s more about taking a step back to let your children struggle for a while and to learn how to overcome challenges instead of rushing to get all the obstacles out of their way.

Being a lazy parent is not as easy as it sounds because it takes a lot of patience to be one. Here at Bright Side, we believe that this style of parenting is about finding a balance between your own life and the life you have with your children, and it has many advantages.

Kids learn to take care of themselves.

Reality is hard and trying to make life easier for our kids when they’re young only makes it worse for them. One day, when they’re all grown up and free to live their own lives, they’ll struggle. Lazy parents allow their children to overcome challenges step by step during their childhood.

  • “My sister and I are so lazy because our mother never taught us to be independent by making lunch for ourselves. We always relied on her.” @swizzchaze
  • “’Mommy, I can’t find...’ Whatever the question was, if I said nothing for 30 seconds I was guaranteed to hear, ’Oh no wait, it’s here.’” @DawnIsaac

Lazy parenting makes children more responsible.

It’s always easier to do chores by yourself, faster and better, rather than handing it off to your kids. It’s often very appealing but by doing this, we steal our kids’ opportunity to learn these things. Moreover, if children are often rejected in their willingness to help, it will eventually vanish completely.

  • “There are 2 ways to approach motherhood: do it for them or let them figure it out. I opt for the latter.” @lancslassrach

Parents encourage children to believe in themselves.

The other side effect that parents’ rushed help leads to is self-doubt and indifference in their children. They start to believe they can’t do things by themselves and stop trying to do anything or offer help. But if you give them the chance, although they may fail from time to time, they manage it. And this success makes them believe in themselves and feel that they can do anything if they try hard enough.

  • “I started making my own breakfast around kindergarten and it didn’t have any negative impact on me. If anything, it made me more confident.” @PavLovesDogs

Children get more of their parents.

By taking it easy or even ignoring some of your chores and letting yourself relax a bit, you maintain more energy. As a consequence, you can play with your kids more and make your time together more fun by creating truly magical and unforgettable moments together. After all, a happy parent equals a happy child.

Parents let them live their childhood to the fullest.

If you don’t try to teach them a second language or make them read by the age of 3, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. They will learn it one day anyway, so it’s amazing just to let them be kids and enjoy every moment while they still can — it’s only this way for several precious years! And once they had their childhood, they’ll be ready to learn and contribute to society as much as they can.

What are the golden principles of your parenting style? Share them with all of us in the comments — maybe we could adopt some hacks from you!

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My parents weren't the most "active" ones, so I had to learn to do things on my own. Now that I've grown I'm grateful that my childhood was like that because I'm an independent woman


My mom used to take care of everything that I did as a child, and now I sometimes feel useless ? I got too used that others will take care of my problems


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