Why Meghan Markle Refused to Lose Baby Weight and Why It’s Cool

4 months ago

Celebrities seem to always be in a hurry to demonstrate their slim bodies after giving birth to their kids. Well, it’s not just celebrities — ordinary women also feel eager to show off their fit shape, as well. However, Meghan Markle, who has recently had a baby, seems to not be obsessed with this very common idea.

We at Bright Side tried to figure out why the Duchess of Sussex decided to stand out of the crowd and what we all can learn from her decision.

The Duchess of Sussex has already attended several public events since the birth of their first son (Archie Harrison), and it seems that she has gained even more weight after Archie’s birth than before it.

2 months after childbirth

Of course, people started to compare her to Kate Middleton who came out of the maternity hospital several hours after the labor, looking stunning — as if she didn’t give birth to her kids at all. And it’s not surprising that people would expect the same from Meghan.

Right after childbirth

When Meghan appeared in public in a fitted dress, some people started to criticize her, saying she could’ve worn something looser to hide the extra pounds.

However, there were those who supported her and even thanked her for her honesty, openness, and body positive message. They said that Meghan sets the right trends and inspires other women around the world to not feel ashamed of their post-baby weight.

Meghan seems to have refused any type of dieting during breastfeeding. The royal expert, Katie Nicholl said “Meghan hasn’t been hitting the gym... she’s been taking that exercise regime very gently indeed. She’s enjoying this time. She’s being gentle on herself.”

She decided to choose a “revolutionary” way and show what changes a woman’s body goes through, whether she is a celebrity or not. And we support the Duchess and believe she can become a good example and a source of inspiration for many others. We also hope that she and Prince Harry enjoy their parenthood to the fullest.

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has been lauded for her fashion-forward approach, with her style choices often mirroring those of Kate Middleton. From embracing vibrant colors to the timeless elegance of suits and sheath dresses, Meghan’s wardrobe reflects a keen understanding of what works best for her. Her preference for monochrome dressing and neutral shades, coupled with the occasional floral print, has solidified her status as a fashion icon.

In a revealing documentary, Meghan and Prince Harry offer an intimate look into their lives, dispelling rumors and misinformation that have circulated over the years. The documentary details their initial meeting, their secret dating period, and the challenges they faced as a couple in the public eye. Despite the difficulties, their love story remains a testament to their commitment and resilience.

Meghan’s relationship with the late Queen Elizabeth II was one of mutual respect and warmth. In a recent interview, Meghan expressed her gratitude for the time she spent with the Queen, describing her as a shining example of female leadership. Despite the complexities of royal life, Meghan’s reflections underscore the deep bond she formed with the Queen, a bond that continues to influence her life and work.

Do you think it’s necessary to start working out in order to get back to your normal body shape right after childbirth, or is it better to relax and enjoy those first moments of motherhood? We would be glad to read your opinion in the comments!


I think every woman can choose herself what to do with her post baby body. Women are tired enough after carrying a baby for 9 month and then giving a birth. How about we be a little bit easier on them and let them enjoy their time being a mother?

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