Why Some People Marry Animals

3 years ago

Even though human-animal marriage has only appeared in methodology and fiction, today, there are numerous cases where people marry their pets or other animals. There have been cases of people marrying dogs, cats, cows, dolphins, and even frogs.

We at Bright Side couldn’t help but be intrigued by this phenomenon and decided to dig a little bit deeper and find out what prompts people to marry animals.

Disappointment after many failed relationships

It’s totally understandable for people to be disappointed in the dating world, but one woman was so let down by men that she swore off her own species and found shelter in the unconditional love and loyalty of her dog.

The woman, Elizabeth Hoad, decided to dedicate her love and life to her golden retriever by saying the monumental “yes!” After 4 broken-off engagements and over 220 dates, she simply couldn’t find the right man, and instead, found her fortune in her beloved dog.

Having a dog in your life is linked to lower levels of depression and loneliness.

Many people are prompted to marry their pets because of the positive effect they have on our mental health. A study found that having a dog in your life significantly improves your mental health, as it’s linked with less loneliness, less depression, and overall improved well-being.

The study suggests that women particularly find relationships with dogs beneficial, as they’re more likely to enjoy the mental benefits of having a dog rather than men. This is a vital reason why people are motivated to wed their dogs, as their affection toward their dogs encourages them to take that dramatic leap forward and be pronounced human-and-dog...

Animals are better than humans, for some.

After many failed attempts at maintaining relationships with humans, some people have actually given up on the species and actually look to animals who are more loyal, loving, and worthy of their love. For example, a woman named Wilhelmina Morgan Callaghan married her dog because when everything else fell apart in her life, including her marriage, her dog was the only real, loyal support she had.

Warding off evil spirits, curing illnesses, and bringing good luck

There are different cases of people who’ve leaned on their superstitions and married animals for different reasons that surpassed logic or common sense. For example, an underage girl married a dog as part of a ritual to cast away evil spells. Another man in Nepal married a dog for good luck.

Even though it sounds strange, people get married to animals for different reasons — even if they have roots in superstition.

Do you know any other reasons why people would want to marry animals? What is your opinion on the topic? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Seems a bit odd to me, the animals can't really consent to it right? Or am I getting this wrong? This is official marriage or?


Is it just me or can you do most of these things without having to marry your pet?


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