Will Smith Begs Jada Pinkett for Privacy but She Forces Him to Speak to Promote Her Show

8 months ago

Jada put too much pressure on Will while promoting her talk show. Even though the actor was visibly uncomfortable, Jada kept going and completely ignored his request to put the camera away. The video resurfaced later and made a lot of fuss among fans.

Jada was live streaming.


Jada went live on Instagram to promote her show called Red Table Talk. She asked Will some questions regarding their marriage. She mentioned that their therapist would come to the show and asked, “Would you say she’s been instrumental in you and I redefining our relationship?” to which Will replied, “Don’t just start filming me without asking me.”

She got annoyed.

After Will refused to respond to the question, Jada looked at the fans and told them that she had to “deal with foolishness.” She ignored Will’s remark and proceeded to ask him another question, “Would you say that she helped us heal the hurts?”

He didn’t want to be “used”.

Will anxiously snapped back. The actor called his social media presence his “bread and butter”. He warned Jada that she couldn’t use him for social media, “Don’t just start rolling. I’m standing in my house. Don’t start rolling.” Jada joked, “She’s helped us a lot, can’t you tell?”

Fans defended Will.

People immediately noticed that Jada shamelessly violated Will’s boundaries. They also disapproved of the fact that Jada was making their private matters public.

Someone wrote, “He looks so anxious, he knows Jada’s trying to provoke him, and he’s afraid of how it’ll go down.” Another user added, “It’s like people who want to take your picture, you keep saying no, and then they whine about it. No means no.”

The couple’s unusual relationship has caused a lot of stir. The stars also have an open marriage, and they claim that it helped them to stay together for more than 25 years.

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She appears to be a narcissist, self promoting individual who takes advantage of her husband's success but does not support him when it matters and he reaps the consequences of her actions. Not a nice person.


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