Woman Horrified as “Temporary” Halloween Face Tattoo Refuses to Wash Off

8 months ago

The spooky season may have officially come to an end, but one woman found herself struggling with the aftermath of a daring Halloween choice in the days that ensued.

Identified as Elizabeth, known as @makeupandmeltdowns on TikTok, endured a daunting test when the “temporary” tattoo she applied on Halloween refused to wash off, leaving her frantically scrubbing her face.

Initially, Elizabeth had opted for the temporary face tattoo to embrace the Halloween spirit, even adorning her seven-year-old granddaughter with the same design. However, her plans took an unexpected turn when her daughter called to inquire about the removal process.

In a comical video, she shared, “Put a tattoo sticker on, join in a bit of Halloween, put some on my granddaughter as well, she’s seven. My daughter rings up, going, ’how does it come off?’”

While Elizabeth assumed it wouldn’t pose a significant challenge, she soon found herself vigorously scrubbing without success. “It can’t be that difficult, surely?” she lamented. “I’ve got meetings tomorrow.”

Concerned viewers swiftly flooded the comments section with various home remedies, advocating the use of baby or olive oil, makeup remover, rubbing alcohol on cotton wool, or even Sudocrem on a makeup pad to tackle the stubborn sticker.

In a subsequent video, Elizabeth detailed how she eventually managed to eliminate the tattoo, utilizing parcel tape, although the process left her looking as if she had endured multiple face slaps. Employing brown tape, she was surprised to witness the sticker effortlessly peel away after a gentle application across her cheek.


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