Woman’s Ex-Boyfriend Reaches Out Right Before His Wedding and She Has the Best Response

6 months ago

Approximately 2,401,148 weddings take place each year. While the likelihood of brides or grooms reaching out to an ex-partner on this very special day isn’t common, it happened to one ex-girlfriend. A day before her ex-boyfriend’s wedding, she received a lengthy message that, while some might find outrageous, left her emotional.

The man texted his ex-girlfriend on the eve of his wedding day.

Twitter user _xolexc also known as Alexsa shared a screenshot of an unknown number contacting her. The text read, “Hi, is this still Alexsa’s number?” After confirming, it was, she asked “Who’s this?” to which the texter revealed his name, asking if she still remembers him. She asked him what is up, and up next was the most unpredictable message ever — from her ex-boyfriend.

Upon receiving this message, the woman replied to her ex, sharing that he made her cry. She thanked him for being there when she needed him and expressed how proud she is of him. She added, “I’m happy you found the woman you want forever with. I’m happy you’re happy. You’re an amazing father to your daughter. Your fiancé is such a beautiful soul, and you have such a beautiful daughter. Again, congratulations on your marriage, I wish you and your beautiful family nothing but beautiful blessings.”

Right after her reply, the man’s ex-girlfriend was invited to his wedding. His wife knows all about it — moreover, she and the ex are also close.

The interaction sparked almost half a million reactions and the opinions were divided.

  • My ex-husband texted something similar after divorce. Love is a gift and a display of our hearts. When you love fully, it’s never forgotten. IzzyMSW / Twitter
  • So basically thanking you for molding him to be the perfect husband to someone that’s not you? Feels unnecessary. sabrinapls / Twitter
  • This has to be the most beautiful thing I’ve read. Shout out to both of y’all for being such good people. nickolas_rey / Twitter
  • Sounds to me like he’ll be in your DMs again in a few months & I don’t think his wife will know about it 🥴. jbrooksssss / Twitter
  • That is so sweet. I am glad you both have that kind of a relationship where you can talk like this, and I am so glad he’s this mature. ThisisLLN / Twitter
  • I received a message from an ex. I got invited to the wedding & the relationship did not end well. _brianamichele / Twitter

Sometimes, although we meet a good partner, it’s not always the right one for us. A lack of compatibility and communication are 2 of the most common reasons people get divorced. We compiled a curious list of the most important things couples forget to discuss before getting married.

Preview photo credit _xolexc / Twitter


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