World’s Shortest Model Wants to Prove Nothing Can Come Between You and Your Dreams

5 months ago

In a world often fixated on height and conformity, Wildine Aumoithe from Miami, Florida, has made history by being crowned the shortest non-mobile woman in the world, standing at just 72 cm (28.3 in) tall. Today, we tell her story of resilience.

Meet Wildine Aumoithe.

Wildine Aumoithe has recently been crowned the shortest non-mobile woman in the world by the Guinness World Records. She stands at just 72 cm (28.3 in) tall and has the rarest form of dwarfism known as SADDAN dysplasia.

When Wildine’s mother, Wilda, was six months pregnant with her, the doctors told that Wildine was going to be born with dwarfism. Wilda cried when she heard the diagnosis because she was scared, as she didn’t know what dwarfism was. To make things worse, Wildine was her first child, and she was still new to motherhood. Her parents were told that she wouldn’t survive 24 hours after she was born, but Wildine defied the odds and celebrated her 20th birthday in 2023.

Facing challenges head-on

Wildine’s mother, Wilda, has been her primary caregiver since birth, emphasizing the importance of a strong support system. The initial struggles, including a six-month stay in a hospice, were just the beginning of their journey together. Wilda’s sacrifices and dedication have allowed Wildine to navigate the world, adapting to a society not always accommodating to those with unique needs.

Despite the challenges posed by her condition, Wildine has embraced life with enthusiasm. While she was able to walk in her early years, she now uses a wheelchair due to bowed legs. Wildine’s positive outlook and determination have helped her lead a life that’s as normal as possible. She attributes her confidence and outgoing nature to the support of her friends, who treat her just like anyone else.

Life modifications and everyday triumphs

Navigating a world designed for taller individuals presents its own set of challenges for Wildine. Modifications at home, from specially designed furniture to custom-made beds and wheelchairs, reflect the adaptability and resourcefulness required to ensure she can live a fulfilling life. Wildine’s experiences highlight the need for inclusivity and understanding in a society that often overlooks the diverse needs of its members.

A social butterfly and role model

Wildine’s vibrant personality and confidence have made her a social butterfly, effortlessly making friends and enjoying a fulfilling social life. Despite being frequently stared at in public, Wildine remains undeterred, confidently asserting that her height is just a number. Her ambition to obtain a driver’s license further underscores her determination to lead an independent life.

Recently, Wildine has also been crowned the world’s shortest professional model by the Guinness World Records. She was featured in the Runway of Dreams: A Fashion Revolution event, which was hosted by former NFL linebacker Shaquem Griffin and included 70 models with varying disabilities and backgrounds. In an interview, she expressed how happy she was, calling this moment iconic.

The main reason Wildine wanted to become a model is because she felt that the industry was lacking diversity. She also wants to inspire people in the dwarfism community, highlighting that they can do anything. For her, it’s important to remember that height doesn’t define who you are. “I’m just a normal human being,” she often says.


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