Meet the Man Who Was Born Tall in a Family of Little People, “I Wish I Was a Dwarf”

6 months ago

Standing over 6 feet tall, Peet Montzingo towers above the average height, but he stands out in his family of little people. This contrast between his stature and his parents and siblings made him acutely aware of societal norms.

Meet Peet Montzingo

During Peet Montzingo’s childhood, he harbored a peculiar desire to be a dwarf, a sentiment driven by the fact that everyone in his family—his mom, dad, brother, and sister—exhibited dwarfism. The odds were stacked against him, with a 75% chance of inheriting dwarfism from his parents, both of whom had the condition. However, Peet defied these probabilities and was born without dwarfism.

As he hit the age of 8, Peet found myself surpassing the height of everyone in his family, including his parents. Within a few years, Peet soared past 6 feet tall. This physical disparity became evident early on, as by the time he turned one, his mom could no longer pick him up, and he couldn’t comfortably sit on her lap.

Despite fitting society’s conventional standards, Peet felt like an outsider within the familial circle. His ability to blend into crowds only intensified his discomfort, witnessing his family endure the gawking and unwanted photography by strangers. Peet confessed that he was always ready to fight someone during this time.

A challenging childhood

Growing up in an environment tailored to little people posed unique challenges. Everything in Peet’s home, from the kitchen to the bedrooms, cars, and even toys, was adjusted in height. He adapted to the role of the only tall family member, taking on tasks like changing light bulbs and navigating around step stools.

Peet recalls that parenting must have been hard for both his mom and dad. Due to his height, he could easily evade their attempts at discipline. His physical advantages sometimes allowed him to outwit their efforts, such as placing items out of their reach.

His relationship with his brother, Andrew, was also tricky. Peet envied the attention Andrew received due to his rare form of dwarfism, necessitating frequent hospital visits. Nowadays, Peet ponders if Andrew harbored resentment toward him for his average height and good health.

He found fame and success.

Despite these challenges, Peet has chosen to leverage his platform on TikTok and Instagram to educate others. Through lighthearted sketches, he often incorporates his mother as the subject of playful pranks, using humor to address their family’s unique challenges due to dwarfism. With more than 2 million followers on Instagram and 13 million on TikTok, he still gets surprised by his unexpected success.

What sets Peet’s videos apart is their relatability, like showcasing how he can strategically hide items like Oreos on top shelves to outsmart his parents or older siblings. His mom, Vicki, actively participates in the fun, although Peet humorously acknowledges her occasional impatience during filming.

Now, he wants to educate people.

While the videos often maintain a light-hearted tone, Peet also takes a more serious approach by using his platforms to raise awareness about little people. Through a series where he discusses situations and judgments with his mom, he aims to educate. He believes that much of the discrimination surrounding dwarfism stems from misinformation, and by educating others, Peet aims to shift perceptions.

His efforts extend beyond social media, as evidenced by his children’s book, Little Imperfections: A Tall Tale of Growing Up Different, published in 2022.

Beyond fostering inclusivity within the dwarfism community, Peet has discovered that his advocacy resonates with anyone who has felt different. Celebrating uniqueness has become a central theme in Peet’s message. He attributes much of his success to the adversities he faced growing up, which equipped him with distinctive tools for navigating life.


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