18 People Who Forgot What Luck Is For a Moment

8 months ago

Life can be full of surprises, sometimes turning good days into tough ones. It often feels like the universe loves throwing unexpected challenges our way. During those times when luck doesn’t seem to be on our side, finding humor can make facing difficulties a little easier.

1. “So the landlord decided to lay concrete in front of my door without notice yesterday morning...”

2. “Every single avocado (except 1) from the market pack I bought 2 days ago”

3. “I was just trying to have my morning coffee.”

4. “Donating blood today, used the bathroom and this happened.”

5. “Well, I guess I know how I’m spending the next few hours.”

6. “Forgot to take my Coke out of the freezer.”

7. “First time swimming in the ocean in over 5 years; got stung by a small jellyfish within 2 minutes.”

8. “At least the cats enjoyed their brief all-you-can-eat buffet.”

9. “My friend got stung by something.”

10. “Anyone else having this kind of day?”

11. “Dog decided to bust through my bedroom door like the Kool-Aid man while I was at work.”

12. “When I remove the wrapper from the lollipop, I don’t think it wants me to.”

13. “This is a brand new robot vacuum we got as a wedding gift. Don’t even know where to begin.”

14. “Went to grab pretzels and came back to almost drinking this without noticing.”

15. “When this happens, it means I overcooked the pizza.”

16. “I opened the bag, and this is what I got.”

17. “Spray tan tears won’t go away.”

18. “My dad’s hair froze after hiking up a mountain in his t-shirt.”

But even when things go south, we can always look for the bright side.

Preview photo credit sh1994b / Reddit


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