A Woman Shares Optical Illusion That Reveals If You’re Too Judgmental Towards Others

5 months ago

TikTok content creator Mia Yilin has recently shared an optical illusion that can reveal whether or not you are judgmental or too self-critical. The illusion can also prompt if you have very strong opinions. People are taking to the comments section to share their results and agree or disagree with them.

The optical illusion made a real stir among netizens.

This optical illusion can reveal if you are a judgmental person. It all depends on what you see first.

This picture can also tell you if you are self-critical or if you have solid opinions.

The picture was first shared by content creator Mia Yilin on TikTok where it collected over 972,000 views.

The simple picture can tell a lot about your personality.

In the picture, there is both a crow and a human face. Depending on which element you see first can tell you what kind of personality you have. The photo shows a crow on top of a rock. There are some smaller rocks under the crow stacked on top of each other.

These small rocks form the shape of a human face. Mia explains, that whichever object you see first can explain your true personality.

Look carefully, and remember which caught your eye first.

The TikToker explained what type of personality you have, depending on what you saw first.

Mia explained that if you saw the crow first then you are very judgmental.

“If you first saw the crow then you are someone who is very judgmental towards others,” she said.

She detailed that it’s not a bad trait, after all. “You can’t help but formulate very heavy opinions, but to be fair you have a very strong intuition, and a lot of the time your assumptions and suspicions end up being proven correct,” she explained.

If you saw the face before the crow, then you are a person who is too critical about yourself.

Mia said, “You use that as a defense mechanism because you’re so scared of being rejected or disliked by others that you subconsciously want to beat them to the chase by being mean to yourself first.”

And here’re more optical illusions that can play real games with your mind.

Preview photo credit mia_yilin / TikTok


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