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15 People Who Beautify Their Homes Like Wizards

Our homes are like business cards that we share with our friends, family, and the occasional fixer-uppers. Research shows that “73% of people who are happy with their home are also happy in general.” The following people have taken home decor to another level — be it with fairy magic or wizard-like finesse — but we have to admit that we love them all the same.

Bright Side has gathered a collection of delightful homes, and we hope you can use them as an imaginary getaway, even just for a moment.

1. “Wardrobe inspiration from The Chronicles of Narnia

2. “Trying to make the most of our small garden”

3. “My grandparents’ house is really cozy!”

4. “A Halloween-themed fort that we made”

5. “It took 4 months to make this clean and cozy.”

6. “Summer in my dad’s backyard”

7. We’d love to read a book in this dreamy room.

8. “My daughter’s cozy mermaid cove bedroom”

9. “I think my bedroom is pretty cozy!”

10. “My parents’ delightful porch”

11. “My sunroom in Lahore, Pakistan”

12. “After struggling with 3+ years of hoarding, my mom finally got it together!”

13. “My apartment in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn”

14. “I like my living room decoration style.”

15. “The bed of my Ford Ranger I’ve been traveling in”

Which of these did you like the most? Which place would you teleport yourself to right now?

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