15+ Things That Are So Charming, We Want to Buy Them for No Reason

Anyone who went shopping at least once knows how hard it is to resist temptation and pass by the shelf when the products on it are amazingly appealing. Even if you don’t need fish socks, a weird taco holder, or a plant pot with The Simpsons characters on it, when you see them, you suddenly realize that you want them very badly.

We at Bright Side found 16 products we didn’t know we needed so much and want to share them with our readers. But proceed with caution — there’s a chance you won’t be able to resist buying some of these things.

1. Knit socks for animal lovers

2. This cup is giving you a small kiss.

3. Plug-and-play milk boxes

4. A little origami lamp

5. The surface of the DVD mimics a pond

6. “Cool alligator taxidermy”

7. “A sound machine owl that has speakers for wings”

8. Tricetaco — a holder for real taco lovers

9. A hot sauce set

10. A soy sauce dish that reveals a painting after filled

11. “My socks: this is how I bought them.”

12. A plant pot with The Simpsons characters

13. Knitted socks for chair leg protection

14. “This book that teaches children how to tie shoes looks like a shoe.”

15. “A cat plate I bought in a store that sold things imported from Japan”

16. “This packaging that makes it look like a squirrel is storing nuts in its cheeks.”

What product charmed you so much that you couldn’t resist wanting to buy it?

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