See If You Can Solve These 8 Riddles With a Twist

2 years ago

These riddles look very easy at first glance, but if you look a little closer, you’ll find a twist. To get the answers right, you must pay really close attention to detail and think outside the box.

Here at Bright Side, we love riddles and want to share these awesome ones with you!

1. A private password

This riddle may look easy, but it’s actually not.

Matt wants to enter into a private club but the entry requires a password he doesn’t know. So, he waits nearby and listens to the all conversations happening around him.

As a club member comes to the door, the security officer says, “Twelve”. She replies, “Six” and gets in.

Another member comes to the door. The security officer says, “Six” and the man replies, “Three” and gets in.

Matt thinks that he understands the pattern and walks up to the door. The security officer says, “Ten” and Matt replies, “Five” but the security guard doesn’t let him in.


What’s the password?


Matt was supposed to say the number of letters in the word told to him by the security guard. The word “twelve” has six letters, the word “six” has three. “Ten” has three letters, so the password would have been “Three”.

2. A robbery?

Because the attacker couldn't have been wearing a ring,he had gloves on.


A man came to the police and said that he got robbed. A police officer asked him to describe exactly what happened. The man explained, “I was on my way to the bank and I had $100,000 in my briefcase. Suddenly, a man wearing black clothes, a mask and gloves attacked me, grabbed the briefcase and ran away.” The police officer noticed a fresh cut on the man’s face and asked if it was a result of the attack. The man answered, “Yes, the attacker was wearing a silver ring on his left hand.” The police officer immediately knew that the man was lying.


How did the police officer know the man wasn’t telling the truth?


The “victim” said that the attacker was wearing black gloves, therefore he wouldn’t have known if he had a ring.

3. Jack, a lion, a lamb, and a bundle of grass

Jack has one lion, one lamb and a bundle of grass. He wants to cross a river but there is only one boat and it can’t hold the weight of more than 2 items at a time. Also, he has to make sure that the lion doesn’t eat the lamb and that the lamb doesn’t eat the grass.


How will Jack get to the other side of the river with all 3 objects?


Here’s the plan:

  • Take the lamb across
  • Take the bundle of grass across and take the lamb back
  • Take the lion across and take the lamb back
  • Take the lamb across and all three get to the other side of the river unharmed.

Lots of paddling is needed for poor Jack and we assume that the lion is not interested in eating him...

4. Escaping jail

An innocent man was wrongly accused, thrown into jail and sentenced to the death penalty. He was told that the verdict will be completed in two days. So, he has only two days to come with a plan of escape. There is an open window but it’s too high and the man is not able to reach it. Somehow, he found a shovel (don’t ask how and why — it just happened), but he needs at least a week to dig his way out and he has only two days.


How can he escape?


He doesn’t have time to dig out, but while he is digging he created a large pile of dirt. He can use this pile to reach the window and escape.

5. What is safe?

Tom was walking in the forest and suddenly walked into a big house. The house looked abandoned so Tom decided to check it out. But as soon as he walked in, the door behind him closed. Tom found a note that said the door is locked but there are four unlocked doors that he can use to get out. The problem is what’s behind those doors.

  • If Tom opens the first door, he gets into a tank holding a hungry shark.
  • A well full of water is behind the second door.
  • The room behind the third door is filled with gas.
  • If Tom chooses the fourth door he will face a serial killer with a chainsaw who has been killing people since 1918 and has already murdered more than 100 people.


Which door should Tom choose to survive?


Although the killer sounds brutal, he would be way more than 100 years old, and most likely already dead, or at least too old to use the chainsaw.

So, the right answer is door #4.

6. Cards

Adam is given 52 cards from his friend, and he knows in that pile are 13 cards that are facing up and the rest are facing down in a random order. Adam is blindfolded and cannot see the cards. He needs to create two piles with the same number of cards facing up.


How can he do it?


Adam needs to take the first 13 cards from the top and simply flip them over. That’s it. Done.

If you don’t believe us, let’s check it out.

Here is an example: You took the first 13 cards from the top and let’s say, there are nine facing-up cards in that first pile. This means that the remaining pile would have only 4 facing-up cards as we know from the beginning, that 13 out of the 52 cards were facing up. If you flip the first pile over, four cards will be facing up and nine will be facing down.

7. Odd object

The circle! While the blue sqaure is blue, They are all squares instead of the circle!



Which one of these objects does not belong in the group?


The odd object is the first one because it’s the only one that doesn’t have an individual trait.

  • The shape of the second is round which is different from any other shape.
  • The third shape doesn’t have the blue line around it.
  • The fourth shape is different in color and the fifth shape is much smaller.

So, the answer is the first shape because it’s the only one that is not odd.

8. Ticket clerk

A deaf and mute man came to the ticket counter at a subway station. The tickets are 50 cents each. The man gave one dollar and the ticket clerk gave him 2 tickets without even checking.


How did the ticket counter clerk know that the man needed 2 tickets?


The deaf and mute man gave 4 quarters so the ticket clerk knew that he wanted 2 tickets. Otherwise, he would have only given 2 quarters.

How many riddles did you get right? Tell us in the comments below and share these with all of your friends!


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