16 Designers Who Seem to Have Opened the Box of Creativity and Produced Real Treasures

One very successful marketing trick that many companies do is induce fear in customers to hurry up and make a purchase. This is smart for products created for mass production, but some things were made either for self-use or for public areas. No matter the reason behind them, their creators definitely deserve a standing ovation for letting their creativity flow.

Bright Side knows how much you love to see unique designs that are very rare, and that’s why we prepared 16 of them for you.

1. A table that will help your cat join you for dinner

2. A cat-shaped charger for your wireless earphones

3. “This fountain in Azerbaijan designed to look like dandelions”

4. “My graphic design teacher’s desk is made from old Macs.”

5. “Homemade grub meatloaf and grub carrot cake”

6. A water tank shaped like a coffee pot

7. Socks sold in sushi boxes

8. A car with personality

9. A mini-bicycle as a bicycle holder

10. “A wheelchair designed for the beach, completely made of PVC construction”

11. “My new shoes have a map to Savile Row on the soles.”

12. A phone case where you can keep important notes and then erase them

13. “This baggie design”

14. A candle you’re not sure whether you should eat or not

15. “This unique wooden bicycle frame design”

16. “A backpack designed for carrying animals”

Have you ever seen a design out in the streets or online that intrigued you to the point of thinking of buying it?

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