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20 Creative Items That Can Make Our Jaws Hit the Floor

A creative person’s imagination is boundless. That’s why the things they create turn into unique masterpieces. For example, a construction company has installed a mailbox near its office that resembles a crane. And if you break a mirror, don’t throw the pieces away. Instead, create a beautiful dove. Sounds pretty creative, right?

Bright Side wants to share some photos of items invented by incredibly creative minds.

20. This inflatable lock advertisement on a storage building

19. These bowling balls are painted like pool balls.

18. The cutest 3-piece ring ever

17. The worst dollar you could give to this cafe employee

16. A stylish golf cart for Cars fans

15. The mailbox for this construction office is a crane.

14. An Xbox controller coffee table

13. This LEGO portrait of Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr.

12. This Harley Davidson limousine

11. A golden bridge being “lifted” with giant hands in Vietnam

10. An incredible art installation

9. Vertical stairs in a mountain

8. Disappearing doors

7. A simple trick can be turned into a vivid show.

6. This blinking car

5. This train is painted like The Alien.

4. “A dove I made out of a broken mirror”

3. Instead of a security camera, this Walmart parking lot in Puerto Rico has a security guard watchtower.

2. These ski lift pods are tables at a restaurant.

1. A summer umbrella with a cooling fan

Would you like to get any of these items? Which one was your favorite?

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