19 Interior Changes That Can Take Your House to a Whole New Level

According to psychologists (and other studies), changing one’s environment helps them to deal with their routine, get through trouble and difficulties, stop feeling depressed, and see the world from a different angle. After changing the environment, people are often in a better mood, they feel refreshed, start thinking positively, and their imagination works better helping them to become more creative.

In order to attract change and bring new energy into your life, you don’t necessarily need to change your job or go abroad. Sometimes all it takes is changing the appearance of your house.

Bright Side has collected 19 pictures of home transformations that will definitely make you want to go home decor shopping.


White paint, natural wood, and open ceilings turn a mundane space into a great place for drinking coffee in the morning.


A little bit of daylight, flowers, and a nice mat at the door in the hall keep things from looking boring and dull.


If you paint a bathroom white, you will make it appear bigger even if it’s in fact small. And cute little shelves with flowers that are in sync with the wooden floor and the words on the wall create a nice relaxing atmosphere. As you can see, even a small, personal space can be made cozy with the right details.


Replace clunky kitchen cupboards with open shelves and your kitchen will become more spacious right away. The white color will not only make it brighter, but it can also serve as a great background for new shelves. You can add bright colors by putting beautiful plates on these shelves or glass jars for sugar, rice, salt and things like that.


Here is more proof that open shelves instead of massive cupboards can make a place look more open and light. A beautiful deep wall color is a great background for cute interior details. And if there is no direct sunlight coming through your windows, you can live without curtains: this way, the place will appear to have even more space.


Again, the white color is elegant, light, and spacious. After the color change, the room will look twice as big.


This is an amazing transformation of an attic with a wooden wall dividing the space with a massive sliding door. Now this place looks like a luxury apartment on the top floor!


Here’s how you can transform an old dining room into a studio kitchen. First of all, the stylish paintings and the colorful bottle draw in attention. Such an emphasis allows you to play with colors — in this case, one color is taken from a painting and repeated in other decor elements.


Sometimes, one big room instead of 2 small ones is the better choice. In this case, we totally agree with the decision to remove the wall. But even without such a huge change, the room becomes more interesting if the wall color is replaced with a white color, and the bricks are pained a deeper color. And of course, plants can make even the dullest place look better.


Sometimes, all you need to transform a kitchen is to change the color or remove clunky details, such as a fridge.


Change the wall color — this is the easiest way to change your mood and stimulate creativity.


Minimalism and simple colors are always the best choices when changing a room. The white color may be easy to stain, but it looks so cool in an interior with a lot of small black details.


Now, instead of boring tiles on the wall, there is a matte pearl color. This is a great background for photos, paintings (yes, in the bathroom) colorful towels, and bathrobes. And an interesting idea is the initials above the towel hooks.


If you want a big change in your bathroom, you can choose a completely different design.


Bricks always look cool. Why not make a fake brick wall in the bathroom? Small flower pots and an ornament on the floor can make the bathroom look fresh.


Nothing makes a living room fresher than natural elements like a wooden floor, a basket, a tree, and paintings of animals and landscapes.


It’s hard to believe that this is the same closet. Thanks to such cozy doors, everything has its own personal space now, and this looks more like a cool showroom than a closet.


Beautiful colorful details are basic design tricks to help make a place look great. Small mirrors, an ornament on the floor, a cupboard under the sink, a basket for clothes, and a shelf with flowers are all great finishing touches. We wouldn’t mind staying in this bathroom forever!


This bathroom used to look miserable — it was small, narrow, and dirty. The designers made it look bigger by combining several tricks. First, they used grey-blue colors and tiles with an ornament. They also took one wall and painted it with a calm color and put photo wallpaper on the other, creating an infinite perspective.


Any path begins with a first step. If you want to make a change but are not yet ready for something huge, start small — add bright colors to your silverware. Such colorful spoons and forks will make you feel positive every day when you eat.

Which transformation did you like the most? Maybe you have already used some interesting ideas in your house! Share them in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit ALE design / facebook
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