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People Show What Spring Looks Like Around the World

Spring is a mysterious season, where nature is reborn, and is flourishing and blossoming. And though this season is extremely vibrant in Japan, spring is not just about Sakura blossoms! It’s about breathtaking sunset colors, ladybugs and butterflies, garden flowers, and long walks with your dog — and these 31 photos are excellent proof of this!

Here at Bright Side, we always look forward to spring as it’s a time of new beginnings, especially when it comes to nature. So take a look at how this magical season appears in different parts of the world.

1. Ladybugs are heralds of spring.

2. A magnificent blossoming alley in Copenhagen, Denmark

3. A fuzzy crow swallowtail butterfly

4. The perks of having a backyard

5. The Keifuku Randen Tram Line, a famous cherry blossom spot in Kyoto, gathers many tourists every year.

6. Someone brought back a little gift.

7. Riverboats under a blossoming Kyoto reminds us of Disney princess movies.

8. The picture-perfect Paron Lake, in Peru

9. Perfect color match

10. These blossoms look like a pink river in Germany.

11. Imagine living in such a magical place!

12. Benji the farm dog greets spring.

13. Epic spring sunset at Huntington Beach in California

14. Apparently, nature in the UK felt like wearing purple that day.

15. Spring means making friends outside!

16. Took this photo today in my garden.

17. This majestic fluffy cloud is enjoying the perks of spring.

18. From today’s cut: My favorite flower, King Protea

19. A gentle bite

20. The cherry blossoms blooming at a tea plantation create a marvelous living carpet in Longyan, China.

21. Flowers stretching out over the ground like a lawn, in Hitsujiyama Park

22. The glowing moon in the London sky perfectly complements the blossoming spring flowers.

23. This little guy is enjoying fresh spring flowers.

24. Magical spring flowers on the side of an alpine pasture, just like in a chocolate commercial!

25. Green wonderland in Savsat, Turkey

26. Avoiding tourists on the Amalfi Coast, Positano, Italy

27. A riotous bloom that blocks the sky in Germany.

28. A blossoming, living arch in Bonn, Germany

29. “We might not have cherry blossoms here, but we do have California Poppies.”

30. The heart of the blossoming forest — Eltz Castle, Germany

31. Gorgeous mountain views from Italy

How does spring look where you live? We’d be happy to see your pictures and comments down below!

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