15+ Inimitable Children Whose Logic Is Beyond Adult Comprehension

When a child is born into a family, life gets divided into “before” and “after.” Children never cease to amaze us, although we know them better than anyone else. Your child can easily make a sandwich with raw carrots, yogurt, and cookies, scribble hearts on your car, or sprinkle cereal all over the place. While watching all these tricks, we can’t help but smile because these little creatures exist. This is the way they get to know our world and learn how to live in it.

Bright Side is sure that children’s lives are full of experiments and discoveries. Sometimes, parents have a hard time because of this, but the best thing to do is just keep a positive outlook when it comes to all the pranks that are pulled by kids.

“My 2.5-year-old child eats ice cream like a monster.”

“The way my nephew ‘organized’ his books.”

“I got home from work and found out that my son threw a battery at the TV.”

“My 3-year-old son doesn’t eat the ‘crust’ and leaves this all the time.”

“My toddler flipped the cereal on the wrong side, and this happened.”

“My kid has a toy head, and he puts it in the fridge. Should I be concerned?”

“I used to keep tally points for how much I loved my family members, including my pet cat, who passed away. I was a weird kid.”

I made my children make up this way.

“My niece and nephew made me a sandwich with baby carrots, panda chocolate cookies, and yogurt. They know me well.”

“These bite marks were left on every noodle at my pool.”

“Looks like someone left their kid alone with a marker.”

My 3-year-old kid: “I finished, Daddy.”

“A teapot with no lid I made as a kid”

“For some reason, I expected more when I gave my kid my old micro cars.”

These kids scribbled a bunch of hearts on this car.

“I present to you my pedicure done by my toddler.”

“My little brother bit off a piece of the table because he was nervous about school.”

“I nearly died going down the stairs today.”

“He wanted to be a mannequin.”

What pranks have your kids pulled?

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