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15 People That Look Like the Long Lost Twin of Their Parent

Only about 3% of the DNA actually codes for genes. The rest is called “non-coding DNA” because its function is still unknown. However, this 3% is sometimes so powerful it results in almost impossible parent-kid lookalikes. Buckle up because we are going to show you parings that will make you wonder if you are actually looking at twins.

Bright Side presents to you 15 pictures of parents and kids that will raise the question of whether time travel is actually possible.

1. “Me on my 1st birthday in 1979 and my son on his 1st birthday 2019. My mom saved my outfit so my son could wear it.”

2. “My mother and I, 32 years apart”

3. “My friend and his daughter around the same age”

4. “My dad’s school picture and mine, at the same age...”

5. “My brother and my father at around the same age”

6. My father and I, 29 years apart

7. Mother and daughter looking like the same person.

8. Father and son can be mistaken for twins

9. Here’s a picture of my mom and me.

10. “My father and I at roughly the same age.”

11. “Me and my 4x-great grandmother side-by-side”

12. It’s not just the glasses, they have the same aura.

13. My mother and I — age 16

14. “Father and son, 44 years apart”

15. “My mother and I at 3-years-old — 23 years apart (1977 and 2000)”

Do you have a peculiar case of lookalikes in your family? Tell us in the comments.

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